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Let's the deals roll

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3 hours since the last update:

#13 PS4 Nathan Drake Bundle (same)
#17 PS4 Black Ops Bundle (same)
#23 PS4 Star Wars Bundle (same)
#34 XB1 Halo Bundle (up 1)
#47 XB1 Gears Bundle (down 1)
#48 PS4 Star Wars Standard Bundle (up 2)
#53 XB1 Fallout Bundle (down 2)
#55 XB1 Kinect Bundle (up 2)
#86 PS4 Destiny Bundle (up 7)
#82 XB1 Forza Bundle (down 5)
#85 XB1 Madden Bundle (down 3)
#90 PS4 Fool's Edition (down 2)

PS4 - 5 bundles, 5 in the top 100 (plus standalone)
XB1 - 11 bundles, 6 in the top 100

The Halo bundle is now losing steam and although it's risen by 1 it's slowly slipping down the rankings. The Gears bundle seems to have more or less reached its peak while the Star Wars Standard Bundle is climbing slowly but surely. I think within a week we could be looking at 4 PS4 Bundles sitting at the top.


The PS5 Exists. 

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hoggin' all the action, I see...


I'm in.


PS4 with 2 mega-selling LE bundles in a single month is crazy. I don't think either bundle will hit the top 10 like Halo's did. But they have possibly spent longer in the top 50 over the last several weeks than Halo did leading in to October. And of course there are 2 bundles doing very well.

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