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Monolith Soft. Both companies has helped each other out, an aquisition couldn't go better than that.

Because of Monolith Soft, Nintendo is better and because of Nintendo, Monolith Soft is better.

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This will be the studio created by Hideo Kojima.

Sony will snap the studio up in May 2016 where Kojima will pledge to release his game in 2019. At E3 2018, his project will be announced and is an emotionally deep open world RPG about life (Project: Deep Blue Ocean). PS5 is announced early 2019 and at E3 2019 project deep blue ocean will be officially called "Existence". The game will be moved over to the PS5 and with a release for the launch of PS5. PS5 will launch in November 2019, Existence will launch May 2020.

So I will have to go for Sony's aquisition of KojSoft and Kojima's critically acclaimed RPG.

If you want my honest opinion, and not just me regurgitating things I plainly don't care about...

I'd think it's Atlus.
I wouldn't care about Sega - at all - if Atlus wasn't under their care. They could very well guide Sega to a better future in terms of software development and localization.

A close second would be Monolith Soft, if they developed titles faster, that is. Their philosophy is actually really compatible with Nintendo - especially with the top brass - and I think they could very well guide Nintendo to a brighter future. They're already working with third-parties like Bandai Namco (though only PxZ has come of it...they should do more, like Xenosaga HD collection?), assisting other first-party studios (see their assistance with The Legend of Zelda for Wii U), and they've blazed forth with a new genre and lead IP for Nintendo (open-world RPGs, and Xenoblade).

Though, I'd be inclined to agree and regurgitate what others have said in this thread.



Guitarguy said:
Retro is a good one, they essentially tried to fill Rare's shoes during the Gamecube era and did to a large extent with the Metroid series, however I don't think they are prolific enough as of yet, especially considering they only have 1 game out for the Wii U(maybe 2 by the end of its commercial life).

(Massive levels of opinion incoming)

At least, in my personal opinion, despite having a limited library to work from, I've enjoyed Retro's titles more than any other second party developer. The four other big ones that stand out in my mind would be Bungie, Naughty Dog, Rare, and most recently Atlus. I'm not a huge fan of RPGs, so Atlus gets knocked out quickly. The Halo games are enjoyable, but they've never entertained me past being dumb fun. I've never really enjoyed the Uncharted series, and while I thought Last of Us was a good game, I don't think it was a great one. That leaves Rare, and while I certainly enjoyed the heck out of a number of their titles (DKC1&2, Killer Instinct), the rest fell back on fetch quest style in increasingly wacky environments, and while I find a lot of Rare's creations to be enjoyable games, they're not what I would consider being great.

The Metroid Prime titles, meanwhile, are all games that I'd place in my Top 50 of all time list, easily. DKCR and TF were about as enjoyable as DKC1 and 2, only with the added benefit of co-op that made it even more fun to play. Retro's lineup is definitely limited, but they've hit the ball out of the park on every single title to the point where I think I'd take playing their 5 games over any of the aforementioned four's entire library.

Admittedly that all has to do with solely the perceived quality of games. If we are talking about how profitable they were for the company they're owned by, then yeah, Retro loses big time to something like Rare, Bungie or Naughty Dog.

Definitely Naughty Dog! Their track record speaks louder than bombs!!!

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Nintendo's acquisition of Platinum Games that happened in a dream I had.

Naughty dog

Naughty dog

while i am not a Naughty Dog fan i won't lie when i say that Sony purchasing them is easily one of the best decisions that the playstation division has ever made.

i would also that Microsoft buying Bungie as a smart (and a just as equally dumb letting them go) since it was ultimately Halo that put Xbox on the map.


What do I win?