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Naughty Dog for me. Ever since that acquisition, they have always crafted high quality games. There are definitely other hits for Sony like Guerilla Games and Media Molecule, but Naughty Dog just has a better track record.

Monolith Soft is my close second. Nintendo needed an RPG machine after Square Enix left them; another developer to add alongside with Retro Studios no less. Since then, the Xeno series definitely has helped Nintendo in their already large 1st party exclusives and capture some Xeno fans in the process.

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EDIT: Oh, OP refers to the big three. Well, I guess in that case I'd go with Media Molecule!

I have higher hope on Paradox's aquisition of Obsidian than any other.

Gourmet said:
I have higher hope on Paradox's aquisition of Obsidian than any other.

When did Paradox buy Obsidian?

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Merger with Square + Enix and Bandai + Namco...

I would say Monolith Soft from Nintendo

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Activision's purchase of Blizzard look at how much money they made of it.

Focusing on achievements after acquisitions, those three companies, and not including incomplete acquisitions like Nintendo did with Rare:

Though Microsoft only owned Bungie from 2000 to 2007, but the games they made during this period, the Halo trilogy, was essential to the Xbox family. All three games were regarded as top tier games upon release, and became system sellers. They were so successful, that the Xbox brand is strongly associated with shooters.

Combat Evolved dominated the early Xbox library, making the Xbox a viable contender for the best contemporary console for multiplayer thanks to its cooperative play and support for up to 16 players. Halo 2 was the game that made online multiplayer a big deal on consoles. Though Xbox Live had been around for two years, Halo 2 is what made it last, and convinced people to transition to the Xbox 360 for their online gaming. Halo 3 helped the 360 dominate the PS3 for a whil in America; the PS3 sold about 55% as much as the 360 in 2007 despite following up the PS2. And besides Kinect Adventures, Halo 3 is the best-selling Xbox exclusive ever.

Nintendo is as sucessful as they are because of the games they made. Playstation is where it is because of support from 3rd parties. Xbox reached its place via an acquired developer.

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Boutros said:
Infinity Ward.

Yeah, this is another good one.

Could probably argue Blizzard too. 

episteme said:
Guitarguy said:

I would say Nintendo's purchase of Rare benefitted Nintendo greatly during the SNES and N64 era and their absence in the GCN days was very noticeable.

Nintendo didn't own Rare, they had 49% and MS bought 51% what forced Nintendo to sell their 49%.

I have no idea why they didn't buy them, though.

Nintendo were give first opportunity to buy them too from what I read.

BIggest mistake of their existance in my opinion. So many great franchise that MIcrosoft let die could have been coming out on GCN, Wii and Wii U.

Sure Microsoft  brought some of it back this gen, but let's face it woudl they have if the xbox one was doing better? They trying to play at the Nintendo faithful to buy and xbox one over a PS4 with that one trick pony. 



Atlus by Nintendo.

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