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aLkaLiNE said:


So you not only moved goalposts pretty fucking bad but then you assert your opinion as fact and decide to pick on another user who sees it differently? Why didn't you respond to my first comment? Maybe I should reiterate:


Naughty Dog is indirectly responsible for Insomniacs second party greatness.

No, they're not. One could just as easily claim the opposite.

Naughty Dog is indirectly responsible for Sucker Punchs first few games.

Says you? It's not like Sly Cooper is a big franchise anyway.

Naughty Dog is directly responsible for PS3s turn around.

No they're not. There are many factors as to why the PS3 "turned around". Not pricing it $600 was a good start.

Naughty Dog houses the ICE team, the same team that created the PS3s 1st party development tools.

You mean the PS3 that was a pain in the ass the develop for?

Naughty Dog has grown in critical praise and sales with every franchise. They weren't a one hitter quitter.

No, their Crash Bandicoot games sold better than most of their other franchises.


You say Bungie because MS has always had a joke of a first party. 'That's pretty much fact'. But guess what? Halo was supposed to released on PC/Mac. It wasn't until MS threw a fuck ton of money at them that they switched development over to Xbox.

You do realize that is the fucking question the OP asks right? Which studio was the best acquisition. Thanks for agreeing with me (even do you tried to do the opposite). But hey, if throwing money at a studio doesn't count then ND doesn't count either. You didn't think that argument through very well, did you?

So what all has Bungie done for MS? They created Halo and that just about sums it up. They only stand out so much because the rest of MS's 1st party IP is a complete joke - at least until they bought out gears of war and Minecraft.

Ah, so it doesn't count if MS buys a studio! I guess Xenoblade Chronicles doesn't count for Nintendo. Metroid Prime doesn't count either, those evil people at Nintendo only got that game because they threw money at a studio! How dare they! Gears of War, Forza, Halo, Fable, Minecraft, etc. are a joke now? Whatever you say!


Oh and BTW, Bungie took what they learned from Halo and built upon that in Destiny which is yet another FPS that will compete against Halo. 

So what? What does that have to do with anything I said?


Naughty Dog - the acquisition that keeps on giving, for 4 straight generations.

Bungie - they made Halo.

And that one franchise outsold the entire output of ND in the 3 generations Sony owned them (which again, is the question the OP asks). That must sting. This is why I dislike ND, not because of their games, but their fans. They're not God you know.

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