I finally caught up with you guys and bought a new console!

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That's a really nice Saturn. Sadly, mines been sitting around for a few years collecting dust, I really need to get a GameShark so I can play some imports.

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m0ney said:
Saturn does not do 3D well. PS2/Exbox is the right choice.

Well it's a different generation tho, Saturn was there to compete with Psone and the Xboxzero (on account of there wasn't one, SEE WHAT I DID THERE???)


On topic tho that's an absolute steal for $15 and a great unboxing, shoulda made a youtube vid of it :) Love my Saturn, should give Sega Rally a blast on it, runs very smooth all things considered for its time even in split screen, uses a lot of tricks with the Saturns many many processors.. Still love my Saturn.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games? https://youtu.be/1I7JfMMxhf8

You sure there isn't an Ouya in that Saturn..?



Dance my pretties!

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Tachikoma said:
walsufnir said:
Awww, dat gamepad! Best there was ever made for 2D. Congratulations.
But I am surprised that you didn't already have a Saturn at home, I thought Tachi had a Saturn already.

Mines a Hitachi Saturn, a weird sort of grey, he wanted a white one!

I only got the black EU one :( I like the look of it but only emulate games every now and then via SSF which is fine to me.

And it's a shame SEGA stopped producing the Saturn USB pads *raises fist in anger*

I miss my Saturn. It was an underrated console.

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OMG Congrats!

Tamron said:



So glad they put the whole thing inside that Xbox One box to keep the original safe from the rain!
After all, it isn't every day you find a new unused saturn! and in white, too!

For those wondering, it cost $15.

you just remind me of my childhood, I still have one, with Japan region the same with yours (and also the same colors and models )  , it's my first 32 bit console,  my first games was Fighting Viper and Street Fighter Alpha 2. And also when i still actively play this console, i was  still a big hater of PS brand and a fanboy of Sega.

binary solo said:
How is it even possible to find a new Saturn? 

Because Japan!, it's a retro wonderland if you avoid the tourist-picked-clean stores.

Case in point, picked up this today, to go with it. (Yes, It really is brand new and unused.)

Now i'm all set to play Nights into Dreams, properly.

I'd also like to point out that i've been oversimplifying the currency conversion.

I paid:
1500 yen for the boxed console ($12.43)
500 yen for the boxed analog controller ($4.14)
108 yen for a Saturn S-video cable (used) ($0.89)
108 yen for a Saturn memory cartidge (used) ($0.89)

Grand total for the full system, with better video cable, memory cart and analog controller : $18.35

Awesome console!

Haha! I like the way you did this thread. 10/10 for creativity.

Enjoy your new console