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Dragonball Xenoverse = 4M LTD
Dragonball Xenoverse 2 = 1.4M first week

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Why does this thread attract so many spambots?

As of March 31st:

BotW (Switch) - 2.76 million

BotW (Wii U) - 1.08 million

1-2 Switch - ~1 million

Super Bomberman R - 500,000

Pokemon X/Y - 16.11 million

AC: New Leaf - 10.97 million

NSMB 2 - 11.27 million

MK7 - 15.22 million 

Pokemon ORAS - 13.74 million

Tomodachi Life - 5.70 million

Smash 3DS - 8.72 million 

Super Mario 3D Land - 11.27 million

Switch software total - 5.46 million (Lots of digital, but VGC has 2.83 million as total, which is almost the same total as BotW alone)

I know they're all shipped + digital, but I think they could be helpful in some cases.

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Hurray more spam!

Spam removed ~ Platina

Very good sales for zelda :)

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Thank you infomation.

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