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Whether it’s the slow string build-up in “Jaws” or the grand blast of fanfare in “Star Wars,” music can not only inspire and captivate fans, but often help define entire franchises in entertainment. However, few franchises in entertainment – and even fewer in gaming – approach the level of prestige and cultural relevance as Halo, with millions of fans growing up to the sounds of Gregorian Monks chanting mysteriously in the background, and heart-pounding cellos pushing players to dive into battle.

It’s those epic gameplay moments paired with exquisitely crafted music that defines what 
Halo means to many fans, and Halo 5: Guardians has these moments in spades. If you can’t hold out to launch, 343 Industries is making the entire Halo 5: Guardianssoundtrack available to stream for an entire week.


Composing a 
Halo soundtrack is an incredible challenge for many reasons, such as the pressure to deliver on fan expectations for a franchise so well-known for its music and the unique technical challenges of video game music composition. This is only amplified by developer 343 Industries’ vision to build the biggest and most ambitiousHalo game ever in Halo 5: Guardians

That challenge has definitely been met by composer Kazuma Jinnouchi and the audio team at 343 Industries, as these two episodes of the 
Halo 5: Guardians behind-the-scenes series, “The Sprint: Making of Halo 5: Guardians,” demonstrate.

On October 30, you can own your very own copy of this landmark soundtrack. We’ve got four ways for you to get your hands on it, at your favorite online or brick-and-mortar retailers:

Digital Edition ($15.99)


  • Pre-orders are up now at iTunes and Amazon.com
  • All pre-orders get instant access to five tracks: “Halo Canticles,” “Light Is Green,” “Kamchatka,” “The Trials,” and “Osiris Suite, Act 1”

Standard CD/LP ($24.99):

  • Comes with MP3 download card

Clear Vinyl ($24.99 – only available at Hastings!):

  • Limited run of only 1,000 copies
  • Comes with MP3 download card

Limited Edition ($49.99):

  • 2 compact discs
  • Vinyl double album
  • Blu-ray with 5.1 Surround-Sound edition soundtrack and cinematic exclusive, “The Sprint – Making Halo 5: Guardians”
  • Orchestral sheet music of “Jameson Locke” from the recording session at Abby Roads Studios
  • Digital download card featuring exclusive bonus tracks

Grab your copy of the soundtrack, and get ready for the official worldwide launch of Halo 5: Guardians on October 27, only on Xbox One!


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Not sure why the title got edited, it was just a question lol

Do you think the Halo 5 OST can possibly be one of the best OSTs of the generation?

It's definitely my favorite so far.

The Trials and Light is Green <3

Kamchatka has some Mass Effect feel to it imo, like that one a lot as well (halfway through it so far xD)

@Q: It's up the top for mine, Halo always has a good OST though, now we need Marty+Kazuma for Halo 6 xD