Why is censorship still a thing..? Especially in US?

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Do you like censorship in your games/movies?

it's 2015 censorship in ... 45 45.00%
I dont like it but... 9 9.00%
F U Censorship! 29 29.00%
I only watch censored ;) 9 9.00%
Japanese porn. 8 8.00%

When Xenoblade Chronicles got localized for Europe to my knowledge the game was left uncensored in terms of dialogue and in game content. After the game proved to be succesfull it was ported over to the Americas and was left uncensored.

Both NoE and NoA had censored some dialogues in Fire Emblem Awakening but when the bikini DLC came along NoA just couldnt resist and decided that the image of Tharja in a bikini must be censored.

Bravely Default has been censored as well by making the skimpy costumes to be "less revealing" the argument for this one was that the game was rates for teens and the main characters were underage. I can understand this but wasnt Xenoblade rated for teens and had teenage protaganists as well?

Things get even more stupid with the recent Fatal Frame 5. Lingerie costumes? Can't let you see that, Star Fox! A game which is rated Mature gets censored... Argue all you want but this is just getting out of control. NoA/E are basically deciding for you what you are allowed to see and what not.

And finally religious references, skimpy outfits and what not is all getting "slightly" censored in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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That was Nintendo that did that though, correct? It's not like they get censored for legal reasons or anything like that. Tell NoA to stop treating it's U.S. customers like children.

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...they're making decisions which they believe will be most acceptable due to societal norms in the countries where the game's being sold. If the thought of not having porn in your video games is truly that horrifying, then email Nintendo and let them know what you want.

I noticed all your examples are directly related to Nintendo, and yeah, their censorship decisions are pretty dumb.

You are getting totally the wrong end of the stick. Nintendo is doing this to themselves it's not being forced on them by anyone. Nintendo is free to ruin it's own work and while you are free to call Nintendo a bunch of dicks for doing it, Nintendo is merely exercising its rights do change and modify it's games as it sees fit.

This is not the kind of censorship you should be getting all hot and bothered about. Try focussing on the actually socially damaging forms of censorship like that which is imposed by an overbearing government, such as Australia. Or countries that block access to political or activist websites, or the banning of books, or the oppression of the media. Nintendo nerfing their own games is a non-issue.

Although, it is an issue if these decisions end up hurting the sales of the games and/or having a negative impact on hardware sales. Though at this point, it's hard to think Wii U hardware sales could get worse from these sorts of decisions. At worst the games won't increase hardware sales, but I doubt if these games were released in their original form they would do much for hardware sales anyway.If Nintendo wants their next console to have a much broader base of gamer support then they need to release these games without nerfing content. These decisions merely play into the perception that they are positining themselves as kid / family friendly in the west and therefore don't adequately cater to the interest of the generality of gamers. Whether that is right or wrong, these game nerfing actions just feed into that perception.

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Cencorship is dumb but I can understand if its being done for games that are appealing to a larger market.

Things like censoring adult rated games though... unless the censorship is done because of a law, then it is incredibly stupid. I know the latest example of this is Fatal frame 5 but really, doing this just shows how out of touch NoA (and indirectly Nintendo) are with the actual consumers of the game.

Well given the fact that even when people freak out over a glitch (i.e. tomodachi life), Nintendo probably figures to stop all possible controversy to avoid unwanted attention.

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because sadly not a lot people call NoA out on this BS hell they use to do it to third party games which imagine ruined their relationship with a lot of them.

This happens with anime as well. Some Japanese companies remove some sexual stuff for the Western market.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:


Nintendo of America is convinced that the only way they can succeed is if they gurantee that have a permanently trusted relationship with parents with young kids

its a shame but its their perspective, they don't want to risk losing that market by having edgy adult themed things


I think they are making a mistake, if they are smart they will realize that their is no issue having a platform with a mix of child oriented games and adult oriented games, you just make it clear in the marketing what audience a game is intended for as to keep away from any issues with upsetting sensitive users

I don't think the main branch of Nintendo is really an issue in this department, after all we have them funding things like Fatal Frame and Devil's Third (even if that was awful)

I remember around E3 Nintendo of America just kept blah blah blahing about Yoshi's Yarn and the sad truth is they do seem somewhat obsessed with catering towards a younger demographic

I think that Mario and Donkey Kong games and such actually cater towards all ages, but things like Yoshi's Yarn and Animal Crossing obviously are not hitting adult markets

Nintendo of America needs to get on board with Nintendo of Japan in regards to attacking all demographics and not ignoring adult gamers or cutting out perfectly reasonable things from games (like what happened in Xenoblade apparently)