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foodfather said:
On an individual to individual basis, absolutely nothing.

I'm an xbox fanboy because Xbox was my first console, and I only have time/ money to primarily buy games on one system, end of story.

However, unfortunately, fanboy culture has overtaken the media / journalism industry. Just take a lot at how ridiculously inflated reviews for Apple devices are compared to MicrosoftS, HTC, Nexus etc.

Its even worse on the movie and videogames front. Just look at how many blind 10/10 scores MSG5 got. Fueled with nothing but fanboyism.

The fanboy culture and overhype culture is whats really putting me off popculture at the moment.

I have zero interest was watch movies when they release in the cinema and rather wait for hype to die down and form my own opinion, you know cause fanboy opinions/propaganda is contagious as fuck.... and that brings me on to the next issue... social media... but thats for another thread I guess.

Yeah the entire gaming media are cult followers of the Kojiminati lol what a coincedence

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I personally don't like the word fanboy. I like the word preference. just me though.

As long as you're fanboying while not badmouthing another fanbase, then it's all good.

Lube Me Up

Unfortunately fanboys exist in almost every facet of life, not just within the gaming industry. You've got other tech fanboys (Apple, GPU manufacturers), sports team fanboys, car fanboys, celebrity fanboys, political fanboys, religious fanboys, etc.

To me "fanboy" refers to someone's unquestioning blind loyalty to someone or something, and are always quick to defend their love of said subject while attacking the position of people they disagree with, no matter how irrational their point of view might be.

On 2/24/13, MB1025 said:
You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.

Maybe you are mistaking fan with fanboy. A fan of a company likes that company's products but is able to know when his loved company is doing wrong.

A fanboy will lick that company's balls no matter what that company does (for example there is people defending online suscriptions to play on XBL or PSN while Steam and Wii U offer it for free).