What would make you quit gaming forever?

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Do you see yourself quitting gaming anytime soon?

Yes 33 16.84%
No 163 83.16%

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Champa91 said:
I suppose if every MC in video games was a gay character then that would probably do it for me but I don't know what else.

I would have to agree.

Though all these virtual worlds may feature main charaters with supernatural strengths, powerful futuristic technology and severe mental instabilities leading them to commit unspeakable acts without remorse, the one position that I can't possibly imagine putting myself into is that of a homosexual character. I understand that video games oftentimes are supposed to bend reality in order to offer new creative ideas and perspectives, but you have to draw the line somewhere if the immersion is to be preserved.

It's not a matter of realism. I'd just never want to play as a gay character because then I'd never be able to take the game seriously id be disgusted by the MC.

Thankfully this is a scenario that will never actually happen because the developers know such a game would never sell.

No Halo
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The only thing I can think of that would possibly make me play games far less is Sony leaving the gaming industry (which is not going to happen, at least no time soon lol)


If that did happen I would probab;y just switch entirely to PC

A law forbidding respresentation of women in media.
Might insta rage quit life too.

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i'm really thinking i might get out after KH3. that seems like a good finale.

Forever would be hard. But a significant cut to my game time would come if my favorite companies fail out of the industry, or their games take a radical turn to become something like mobile games.


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Honestly, when Nintendo leaves the gaming industry most likely. I wind up getting all the systems eventually, but I really only play Nintendo games and I rarely have time to do that outside a quick game of Smash or Kart. Gonna be hard fitting Xeno X in my schedule and Fatal Frame. I'd probably just ditch it due to inconvenience and not being online enough to justify a cost for online gaming.

The destruction of earth .

Hunting Season is done...

Games stop being made that appeal to me.