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So, anyone who's been following John, was probably aware he went for a CT to monitor post-op/treatment cancer remission.  He was just informed that while the cancer is gone from his bowel, spots have now appeared on his liver.  It's inoperable, and there is no cure.  Prognosis is 2-3 years. :(


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I've never been a huge fan of TotalBiscuit, but this is still very sad..

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This is very sad news to hear... I watch his channel occasionally, and I know he's been fighting with cancer for a while now. Very unfortunate that it will end this way in a few years.

I've had relatives who passed away from cancer. It's always a hard thing to deal with.

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Thats.......really sad actually. I lost someone close to me from cancer and its really not nice. I hope he gets all the support from family and friends


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Damn that´s terrible.


Damn. This shouldn't happen to anyone (seriously, fuck cancer), but he is only 31. Way too young. Granted, he is not the healthiest person out there, but still. He's probably my favorite video game critic and he has some wonderful old let's plays that I really enjoy watching. I respect everything he has done for the pc game scene. I hope he beats this, despite the prognosis


Nooooooooooooo. He was just over the other one :(
That will probably also damage the whole of Polaris.

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That's so sad and he was getting better too.

i have no words.... this is just sad.