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Stop being so mean everyone! How would you know if he's a virgin or not?

*watches video*

Never mind.

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Mai vous avez tous un grand jour

I didn't think it was possible, but this thread's getting even funnier somehow.

Really, the only thing lamer than calling somebody a virgin is saying "No way I'm not a virgin!"

And the only thing lamer than either of those is saying them on the internet. I feel bad for ssj12 AND for the people teasing him.

There's only one way to fix this.

I'll gladly take all your virginities off your hands...

This video is false. I know who the reptilians are since, in fact, I am one of them. My great-great grandfather was Lewis Cass Payseur who is quite widely known. Here's some of the facts:

The first Payseur to come to America was the former crown prince of France, Daniel Payseur (1785-1860). He came over about 1805 to the U.S. and married Susannah Kiser c. 1814. They had two boys Adam and Jonas(1819-1884). Jonas married Harrietta Smith and they had Lewis Cass Payseur (1850-1939). It was this Lewis Cass Payseur who hired the Rothschild bloodline of the Springs to run a number of the Payseur’s companies.

The Payseurs were one of the original big railroad families along with Issac Croom and William H. Beatty. Isaac Croom’ s wife was a sister of William Beatty’s, so the reader can see how all these elite bloodlines intertwine. Remember that L.C. Payseur hired Leroy Springs to operate a host of his companies. Leroy Springs father was A.A. Springs and A.A. Springs was the secret father of Abraham Lincoln.

It takes one to know one AoA!

Edit: I've revealed too much. I'm going to have to go into hiding. See you all later, I hope.

Nice work AoA. lol

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lol!!!!! you made that AoA!?!?!?!

Pardon my language but...

Holy fuck thank you for using Poison in that video. I creamed. And shame on you for not making me into a reptilian!



Nintendo Fan Girl said:
lol!!!!! you made that AoA!?!?!?!

He most certainly did.

Mai vous avez tous un grand jour

SDF salutes you. Unless you support nintendo in which case I salute you with a disaproving look in my eye.