Besides Smash Bros. what other fighting game should Nintendo make into an exclusive?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Besides Smash Bros. what other fighting game should Nintendo make into an exclusive?

Personally I think Nintendo shoud take the Power Stone franchise and make it into an exclusive. Power Stone is not bloody or have hard core violence, which Nintendo likes, and it can be vastly improved upon since they haven't had a game in years. Ya Power Stone is forgotten but making this for the NX can really bring in new people since its not Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat it will be fresh and new in todays fighting game which also has different features than other fighting games that stick out. Co-op and Multiplayer won't be a problem and it just looks like a Nintendo game. 

What fighting game would you like to see Nintendo tackle or perhaps make a new ips?

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I don't think there are any fighters that Nintendo would ever plan make exclusive, unless you count things like Pokken, obviously.

Well, people were asking for a Pokemon fighting game, bu they are making Pokken already, so they are good in terms of fighting games. More of them would just kill each others sales.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Smash is not a fighting game. Powerstone is not a fighting game. They are party brawlers. And the more I see Pokken, the more I can tell its not one either. It's a competitive action game, as coined by the devs when they said it isn't a fighting game.

So the answer is really anything. Though what I want to see is Nintendo vs. Capcom so I can beat Dante's ass with Samus.

That being said, Power Stone 3 would be awesome. The best 3D party brawler out there, not that it has much competition. I'd be down for a revival.

Well, this is new.


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This almost feels moot. Sony is already buying exclusivity for the major fighting games.

That being said, I have been thinking of Fire Emblem X Soul Calibur + Link

nintendo vs capcom

A Soul Calibur type game would be interesting

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Virtua Fighter might be an Idea, as the series lies dormant for some time now

And create a SEGA vs Nintendo similar to the X vs Capcom fighters. Sega would have a huge array of combattants if they dig deep enough into their IPs

Soul Calibur vs Fire Emblem

A new crossover!

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