What are your priority games for the rest of the year?

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iceland said:
Ruler said:

You dont even own a PS4 your profile shows

exposeded!!! ... oh wait, when did I claim to own a PS4? 

You talked like you had a choice in the first place

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Tales of Zesteria
Persona 5 (if it comes out this year)
Project X Zone 2

Edit: I just remembered Persona 4 Dancing All Night and Trails of Cold Steel. lol! xD

Fallout 4 and Xenoblade Chronicles X

If we're going by future full size releases, to keep things short and simple,

PES2016, FIFA16, Battlefront and... I have Nathan Drake collection on pre-order, but there is still a slight chance that I might get Fallout 4 instead.

I'll ask for something for an xmas present, maybe Just Cause 3.

Mad Max, Until Dawn, AC, cod, R6 siege, Forza 6, Halo 5 go straight to the backlog. I am still only on halo 2 on the master chief collection. In a way I'm glad I don't like TW3 as that would have taken up so much time.

Now playing through: Fallout 4 (PS4)

PSN: beeje13, XBL: beeje13 x

Pre ordered: Far Cry Primal (PS4)

Too many other titles that are on my wishlist to mention here. And a backlog :O

Console history : PS, PS2, Gameboy Advance, PS3, PSP, PS4, Xbox One...


Fallout 4 on PC, that is all.

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Glad you asked Zippy. These are probably the thoughts that go into everyone's mind when managing your money.

So... my aim for the rest of the year are:

Fallout 4 - PS4
Xenoblade X - Wii U
Trails of cold steel - Vita
SWTOR Knights of the fallen empire - PC (its free if you sub)

Theres others that catch my eye, but are less important so i may end up skipping like:
Starfox zero - Wii U
Corpse party Blood drive - Vita
Tales of Zestiria - PS4 (might not get it at all cause the Graces like combat isnt something i want to support. So... bargain bin i'm sure)

Also, you have to plan for early next year when taking this spending into account... and that means:

Deus Ex Manking divided PS4
Persona 5?!

NHL 16
Forza 5
Fallout 4
SW Battlefront
Rainbow Six Siege
New Halo (whatever it's called)

All for Xbox One lol