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So much delusional people out there. Sony doing this right now is bad, this is false advertising. Sony is NOT as bad as tobacco companies. Other Companies doing the same thing should be criticized and downplayed as well. Sony Electronic Division was always 50/50 about quality management, their products are really good while can be really flawed. Sony marketing team needs to improve

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I use Tablet Z in my bath from the release date (more than 2 years now). I wash it time to time under the water tap.
The same with Z3 Compact. I do not use it in bath, but rarely wash it under tap. Bought it almost a year ago (at release day also).
All devices work fine.

Mr Puggsly said:
DonFerrari said:

Don't know how is the ads for cars in your country, but in mine a lot of them are breaking law, driving unsafely, etc... and have advise to not do the same either on the propaganda or in the manual, do you know that?

Okay... this is more of a debate about functionality versus safety.

All cars are great for being reckless, we see that regularly.

Sony marketed this phone as the under water phone, a feature most phones are not designed for. The marketing tells consumers, "Anyone looking for a phone that works under water, get this phone." The marketing doesn't say "keep out of water!"

Maybe the phone should have been marketed for being more water proof than most phones. That would be a different and less interesting market campaign, but also not misleading.

Do you honestly think that Sony intentionally mislead their customers? Just take some time to consider the evidence:

Exhibit A) They have been replacing phones that got broken by water damage.

Exhibit B) After they updated their page, they haven't aired a commercial showcasing the phones ability to work underwater.

Exhibit C) Multiple owners report that their phones can handle bring used in the same fashion as in the commercials for perfectly fine.


Don't you think it's more likely that their phones just might have been a little less waterproof than they thought, and the result was that Sony had to replace more phones than they considered acceptable, thus they decided to not focus on that in any future commercials, and they updated their support page?

There's a pretty big goddamn difference between intentionally and unintentionally misleading your customers.

my z2 gets plenty of underwater action. but you have make sure all the ports are sealed properly. so in short its not false advertising if the phone does have that capability, but sony choose to advise against it. Z series is waterproof, its just not waterproof with stupid people.

So, does anyone smell another class action lawsuit?

How long have the been selling as something it's not. And does anyone remember that news story about a convention where some company was showing off their 'water proof' and demo phone got waterlogged and died during the news story?

It was like cringy funny.


Really not sure I see any point of Consol over PC's since Kinect, Wii and other alternative ways to play have been abandoned. 

Top 50 'most fun' game list coming soon!


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Despite the warning this thread went to hell rather quickly. These console wars ruin everything they touch.

Locking now.