Are you paying $40 for Destiny: The Taken King?

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Are you getting Taken King?

Yes, $40 is chump change 23 22.77%
No, way overpriced for DLC 39 38.61%
I will consider it based ... 9 8.91%
What is Destiny? I play real games. 30 29.70%

There's no denying that Destiny has been a huge success and has a solid and loyal fanbase. Fans of the game aren't hesitating on the DLC.

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Nope, I'm not a fan of Destiny.


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Wright said:
Angelus said:
Activision could pay me $40 and I still wouldn't play it

What if they also bring some hookers?

Depends on the hookers. Why, they got you on call?

Definitely going to wait to read some public reaction to it. The Dark Below was pretty crappy, although the raid it brings is pretty good. I liked House of Wolves for the Prison of Elders. Neither of them were worth that much money and as a college student I have to pick and choose between which games I want to buy. Soma is also going to be $40 and releases in ~10 days. I'm starting to lean towards Soma, but then again I have so many friends who I enjoy playing Destiny with. So for me it's a tough call but I'm definitely going to wait.

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