Are you paying $40 for Destiny: The Taken King?

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Are you getting Taken King?

Yes, $40 is chump change 23 22.77%
No, way overpriced for DLC 39 38.61%
I will consider it based ... 9 8.91%
What is Destiny? I play real games. 30 29.70%

Simply put yes.


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Is $40 the repackaged game with all DLC?

If thats cost of the DLC alone then no, iI'll just wait for Destiny 2 coming next year.

Ill buy the game with all the dlc with they release something along those lines.

Neodegenerate said:
UltimateUnknown said:
Here is a list of things you've getting for $40 with the taken king:
-A bunch of story missions along with cut scenes this time which tell the story of Oryx, start to finish. His story will end in this expansion, so hopefully there'll be better storytelling. We have to find out.
-Quests which carry on the story after you've completed all the story missions.
-4 new strikes and 3 year one "remastered" strikes with new enemies, etc.
-6 man King's fall raid which bungie claims to be the biggest yet. The basically is the end to Oryx's story since he is the final boss. This is the biggest attraction for the taken king.
-8 new crucible maps. 3 new modes so far but looks like there are more they haven't been announced that people found by datamining.
-40+ new exotics (Armour+weapons) to go for.
-Generally more weapons and gear than at vanilla destiny launch.
-One new location - Dreadnaught.
-Court of Oryx game type, essentially a much more improved and challenging form of public events that you have to initiate.
-3 new subclasses, one for each class.

That's what I've seen so far. There may be some I missed and perhaps more to be/not announced. So yeah it's up to you to decide if all that is worth $40. But i just wanted to clarify that you're not paying $40 for a few story missions. That is simply not true.

For me personally the raid, subclasses and exotics alone are worth the price, but that's me. I think everyone has their own preferences. That being said I am REALLY looking forward to the raid. Should be great to get in there with 6 people after so long since Crota's End.

I would say that amount of content is worth a $40 price tag.  My issue though is I have no faith in them doing the story well enough for me to want to invest.

Fair enough. If story is your main focus then there is no reason for you to trust bungie after the horrific story that was in vanilla destiny. You would do better to wait and hear reviews/impressions on the story this time around before investing.

That being said most people that play destiny (which is a lot of people) generally dont care about story. Most just enjoy playing raids, or pvp or just generally the loot collecting aspects of it. The excellent gunplay also helps.


No. All DLC should be free and used as an incentive to buy the game.

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The DLC is way over priced. I really hope that other developers don't make this the norm. But all in all, the game is rock solid. I will be getting the DLC.

Between this Taken King and MGS V which BTW is a freekin MASTERPIECE, i'll be busy till Xmas.

Activision could pay me $40 and I still wouldn't play it

No Im paying $80
Buying the Legendary Edition. Havent played Destiny since 2014 and have decided to pick it up and start fresh with TTK.

Angelus said:
Activision could pay me $40 and I still wouldn't play it

What if they also bring some hookers?

yes, gladly.