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What do you think about America?

I love America. It is my homeland and I am glad to live here.  That being said I do hate some things about my homeland. I do not like the people who live in my country. Too many religious nutjobs (I'm religious just so you know) and also there are a lot of ignorant morons on both sides of the political spectrum, both liberal and conservative. I am embarrased about my country being the home to many idiots such as George W. Bush, most people on Fox News, and Anita Sarkeesian (is she 'Murican IDK). But I am also glad that I share the same homeland with great poeple like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, MLK Jr., Mark Twain, and Harriet Tubman.

I am annoyed with America's foreign policies. I wish we were more isolationist like we were in the 1930's and kept our noses out of the rest of the world's problems. I whole heartedly wish we would close our borders and never interact with the rest of the world again, but I know that being completely isolationist would probably never be possible in the U.S.

That is just my opinion, what is yours? Do you love America or do you chant death to America (along with your fellow Jihadists)!

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Great country. Horrible government.

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It's a great, iconic country. I'm still going to live there one day to help it get to its long-gone days of glory back.

I grew up loving america, living on military bases, and that feeling has mostly remained. As a scientist I'm really proud at the strides America has made to better the world, and that so many of the world's top research facilities are right here in America. Sometimes I worry about the current political climate and how science innovation for its own sake seems undervalued, but as of yet that's more perception than practice so I won't be too concerned until I see more consequences of those views and not just the views themselves.


Its okay. Very similar to Canada but with less friendly people and more crime. I wouldn't mind moving to the States if I got a job there. 


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In general, I love living here. My only real complaints are the people (mostly religious fanatics* and criminals) and the government, which is pure bullshit. Also the fact that we never seem to be able to just fix our own problems and instead insist on trying to fix the rest of the world, which never really works.

*not all religious people, just the nutjobs.

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I would gladly die in nuclear fire if my nation (the UK) launched every nuke we have against the USA today.

We wouldn't destroy the USA but hopefully cripple it enough before the US destroys any more countries in there goal to only allow nations to exist if they kowtow to the USA's wishes.

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So don't answer the thread truthfully got it.

I feel like I live here but am are not really American inside.

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what ever they do in the world, went they do it because there is something they get in return!

if we talk about american game like NOA Reggie! well it seem it do all not to please USA gamer (not releasing project zero physical like it will in UK) ... putting some amiibo exclusive to 1 store making a pain in the a55 to get them without paying high price! (went all around the world there is no store exclusive) shame on you NOA

From what I've experienced in there, some people are nice, some people aren't, cities are pretty, there's a lot of iconic places there, a lot variation when it comes to everything over all, although, I think they may be a little too patriotic, but this just personal opinion since I think that taking pride in nationality is fucking stupid, also, I think they live too much in the "now" and don't have a lot of interesting culture, or at least, they don't care much about it, from what I've seen. It's kinda similar to Mexico in a lot of ways, but prettier and...square-ier? It feels a lot more produced and overly-polished at times, while a lot of places here still have a "home-made" and "humble" feeling. I'd like to live there, at least for while, since I just began studying animation, it'll be kinda of an obligation to do so because my career is worth shit here.

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