What Game Would Make You Buy an NX at Launch?

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- Mario Kart
- Smash Bros
- Splatoon
- Pikmin
- StarFox
- Pokemon RPG

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Pokémon stadium or Pokémon snap will be big sellers for me!

Tachikoma said:
Nothing, 8th gen is my last

Never say never... I do feel that sentiment though because video games these days seem very stagnant.

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Pokemon Pinball :p

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Not buying consoles at launch again after the Wii U.

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The only console I bought at launch was a Wii and that was because I happened to find it in Toys R Us on day 1 and was planning on shipping it off to eBay. Ended up buying it with Twilight Princess and when I got home I couldn't resist and broke open the Wii Sports and Twilight Princess.

That being said, buying a system at launch, especially not would have to involve something amazing that I couldn't wait for. I don't even know what that could be at this point.

More reasonable would be a new 3D Mario alongside a brand new Zelda which is a massive amount to ask for at launch.

Not a particular game, but knowing that there will be a constant stream of games throughout at least the first 3 years.

I'm always excited for new hardware so i'd get it regardless, i got a wii u on launch day when the only good exclusive was New super mario bros U.

All it needs is the word "Nintendo" on the box. I know it is the only place to go to get good in house multiplayer couch co-op games and that is all I need.

Not even sure, the system has to make sense as a gaming device first (no B.S. like the Wii U or XB1)... I mean, it has to pack more punch than the PS4, otherwise it makes no sense to buy this when we already have the Wii U with an existing games library that is not bad, just not complete enough... if it's comparable to the XB1 in therms of power it will have the same problems MS has right now in validating the existence of their product to the majority of the market place.

I have to know there will be good third party support for it — as much as I respect Nintendo as a developer/publisher, they have not been my favorite for at least 25 years now... so the console needs more diversity in its library!

Unchrted 4 or The Last of Us 2 would be instabuy!