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"This is where we get into the uglier world of cisnormativity and transgender erasure."



But seriously, this piece is ridiculous...if you want to make absurd fan theories, go for it, but when you using your bizarre, poorly reasoned logic to throw these attacks at Nintendo and Gamers, you have officially lost your mind (although I suspect the whole loss of a mind happened quite a long time ago for this one).

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I'm gonna go with no. There are many more quotes calling her a born woman. One referring to her as trans doesn't just void those "just because."

Well, this is new.


Doesnt Other M and Fusion disprove this entirely?

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brianna wu trys to steal greatest women in videogames womenhood! she is nothing more than a #housenigger of the #patriachy.

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This is the definition of reaching.

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Is Samus being transgender in any of the games? If not then she's not transgender.

As for Brianna Wu's abrasive manner, sounds like she's starved for attention. Just ignore and move on.

Must be a slow news day.

Also "Cannon" lmao!

See Nintendo, this is what happens when you make a spinoff that is totally different from the original game series :(!


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I don't know why anyone would dignify this article with a response. It's the exact opposite of the Poison situation. Poison is transgendered and no one wants to accept it. Samus isn't transgendered and the author is trying to falsely suggest that she is.

Wright said:
Rafie said:
This is the Poison from Final Fight/Street Fighter all over again! LOL What's with Japan and tranny characters?

Tranny is not transgender, though. A tranny is a man that dresses like the opposite sex. A trasgender is someone whose sexual identity is different to the one he/she was born with.

I thought out of all the people you would know terminology. Tranny is most commonly meant to address transgenderor transsexual. What you are talking about is a transvestite. While tranny can be used for a transvestite, it rarely isn't because there is a better word already for it.

Trust me, I know which boxes I have to uncheck when searching for porn.

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So what is all I can think here. She's a woman now, that's all that matters. And it's a video game character so we could be rattling on about this for months without anyone arriving at an answer

Most importantly though it's a fan theory. I wouldn't take it to heart. You can see some pretty crazy fan theories out there and this one's near the top if you ask me.


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