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Ever burnt your hands cooking or anything else? Usually it's to do with hot oil.

I just burnt the living shit out of 2 of my fingers and it is fucking worst burn I have ever done to myself, just half an hour ago I was cooking Caramelized Onion at home and the Sugar splashed onto my hands, skin was instantly removed from parts of two of my fingers, it's not that bad of a burn but it's enough to be very uncomfortable for the next few hours.

Typing this was quite the nightmare, I should invest in some burn cream, not that it works that great anyway.

Ever burnt yourself bad?

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Be more careful, AOA!

I use toothpaste on my burns. I don't know if it does any good, but at least soothes the pain.

I've never seriously burned myself, but I met a guy who took three bullets in the Vietnam war. A while back he suffered some serious burns to his left leg and has gone on record multiple times saying he'd rather get shot all over again then have to deal with his burn.

I also got the chance to watch a McDonald's employee slip and dunk his left arm into one of the oil fryers. Judging by the way he started screaming I have to assume it hurt quite a bit.


God yes I have.

I was cooking a hamburger, and somehow, my finger hit the hot oil. It hurt all night, and when I woke up in the morning, I had this huge air bubble on my finger. But it finally went away after a while.

I had a week of workers comp last month because I covered the back of one hand and wrist in boiling water. That hurt.

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I got a really bad burn on the palm of my hand a few months ago. thats what happens when you don't use oven mits XD

the cream worked really well for me. maybe it depends on the kind of burn it is.

Getting burnt by steam kills more.

Yeah, I was in a sauna in York once, I was goofing around with a couple of mates and we spilt water on the coals. Only a bit of water landed on me but it hurt like sin, it hurt so badly we had to go to hospital, it was fucking painful.

burned my fingertipps on a ~300-400°C warm ceramic pot in a chemical practical course .. I had to cool the burn for 2-3 hours in order to be able to handle the pain

Well, there was that one time I spilled noodle soup on my crotch, worst 5 minutes of
genitalia ownership ever.