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Hmm, odd. Did you try removing the disc, unplugging, and putting everything back?

If not, then I'm not sure.

Maybe it is a faulty laser, as suggested in the other post.

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Happened one time to me but just cleaned it with a cloth.

It happened when I brought 3D World to play at my friends house. It failed, even after restarting, but worked perfectly fine at my place.

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Go digital

I just chose a team so it's not that, a shame for you cos there is 2 new weapons.

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Happens. Used to have a360 games that was read as a DVD movie.

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The same thing happened to my friend. He had to get another copy. I think it's a glitch, I recommend digital.

I had this problem with tlou on ps4 had to set my console on primarly and restore all my licenses




Justagamer said:
My guess is it's the beginning of your wiiu laser going out. Some games expose the issue more than other

Not the laser just finger printed all over a disc just to see if it would read  , it was covered in grease and it played just fine! I dont have a clue why it wont play splatoon the disc looks brand new and I've already logged in 75 hours on it!

Check your console isn't on a slope or is uneven. That sometimes buggers up the laser.