Publishers need to focus on online multiplayer centric games or else they're going to be f*cked in the future.

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Publishers need to focus on online multiplayer centric games or else they're going to be f*cked in the future.

Haha, nice joke

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mZuzek said:

Edit: in numbers:
Best selling game on the PS3 and PS4. Second best selling game on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

And don't say it's a "multiplayer" game. It has multiplayer, yes, but the focus is entirely on the single player.

Didn't you know? Rockstar is going to be screwed if they'll continue making GTA games!

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Online needs to be banned
SP-only for eternity
No co op or local MP either

Skyrim sold over 20 million. Uncharted sells ~6 million each iteration. Fallout 4 will sell a crap ton, Mass Effect Andromeda will sell a crapton, Watch Dogs was a huge success, Far Cry 4 sold very well, The Witcher 3 sold great, MGS V is gonna be a multimillion seller etc. Not to mention GTA....

Snoopy said:

Lol at people naming witcher 3 or batman. Look at Titan Fall. A new ip that sold over 5 million and more than witcher 3/batman. Also, it wasn't on the ps4 like these other games. I guarantee you publishers are seeing this. Takes less effort to make these games with a better reward. Only very few single player games are doing well, but they cost a lot more money and time. Look how long it takes GTA5 to be made or Fallout/MGS.

A new IP that was hyped up the dick that no really plays anymore.

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You must mean fps' must focus on online or shooters. Because no not every game needs an online component, there are people who don't play or don't like online shooters.

But as everyone said, witcher, Arkham knight, watch dogs, fallout 4, elder scrolls shadow of mordor etc all say hi

i'll just say there are games that were more focused on multiplayer modes than their single player campaign modes. which the reviewers should base it more into the multiplayer mode. maybe 65/35 or 60/40.
but there would always be a market for single player games like what others have mentioned here.

How about we let Call of Duty do Call of Duty and let other publishers tap into whatever market they wish.

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Sweet Jesus that OP..."Hey everyone! Only make games in the most popular styles and genres!" ugh, that frame of mind is bad for gaming. It hurts.

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Tell that to evolve, iirc that one bombed.

Also didn't assassins creed get rid of its MP mode?