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Nintendo has revealed its full line-up of video games and Amiibo for the rest of 2015.


  • Super Mario Maker Wii U bundle / releases 11th September for $299.96 - includes a Wii U and GamePad, the game, an 'Idea Book, and 30th anniversary Mario (modern colour) Amiibo. Exclusive to Walmart.
  • Mario Kart 7 2DS bundle - from 30th August this existing bundle will be reduced in price from $129.99 to $99.99
  • Yoshi's Woolly World game bundle / releases 16th October for $59.99 - includes a copy of the game and a green Yarn Yoshi Amiibo.
  • Combo Pack game bundle / releases 16th October for $59.99 - includes copies of New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U.
  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer game bundle / releases 25th September for $49.99 - includes the game, one amiibo card, and the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer accessory.
  • Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash game bundle / releases 9th October for $29.99 - includes the game and a Chibi-Robo Amiibo.

Wii U Line-up

  • Runbow - 27th August (Digital only)
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition - 30th August
  • Super Mario Maker - 11th September
  • Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack - 20th September
  • LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack - 27th September
  • Yoshi's Woolly World - 16th October
  • Guitar Hero Live - 20th October
  • Just Dance 2016 - 20th October
  • Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water - 22nd October (Digital only. Prologue, Chapter 1, and half of Chapter 2 are free)
  • Shovel Knight - October (Precise date TBA)
  • Star Fox Zero - 20th November
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X - 4th December
  • Devil’s Third - 11th December
  • Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival - TBA
  • Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash - TBA

3DS Line-up

  • Skylanders SuperChargers Racing - 20th September
  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - 25th September
  • Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash - 9th October
  • The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes - 23rd October
  • Shovel Knight - October (Precise date TBA)
  • Yo-Kai Watch - 6th November
  • Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon - 20th November


  • 3-pack of Mii Fighters from Super Smash Bros. - 1st November / $34.99
  • Mewtwo Amiibo - 13th November / $12.99
  • Mega Yarn Yoshi - 15th November / $39.99
  • Falco Amiibo - 20th November - $12.99
 New Godzilla Yoshi. 
Mario Tennis Ultra Smash is Nov. 20th in Europe. New Style Boutique 2 in November 20th in Europe.

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This is pretty sad. They almost confirmed no Nintendo Direct's in future.

Shovel Knight is already released?

Happy Star Fox actually has a release date! Perhaps it did before this, but it's the first I've seen. I'm okay with November.

I'm glad we got an official announcement on the Yoshi's Woolly World bundle. The Chibi-Robo bundle sounds great, too... $20 for a game and an amiibo is a great deal!

Any chance we'll get the Super Mario Maker amiibo non-console bundle? :)

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Devil's Third is releasing during December? Why delay it by four months?

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What Boberkun said. I'm surprised they only released a PR statement. No Direct, no Mini-Direct, not even trailers! And sad about Fatal Frame V...

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Samus Aran said:
Shovel Knight is already released?

I think it's getting a physical release

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Samus Aran said:
Shovel Knight is already released?

I was wondering about that too. Maybe it means a physical release on both consoles.

So no Nintendo Directs anymore?
That would be sad. Directs were such a good way to talk to fans, generate hype, and generally make Nintendo feel less like a coorperate faceless company. I always looked forward to them, they were little events. I think dropping them is a very bad idea.