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Have you ever pirated anything?

Yes 124 73.37%
No 45 26.63%

I would suggest those who engage in frequent piracy are akin to that new roommate who argues that he needn't pay his share of the monthly cable/internet bill as, if it were up to him, we wouldn't have it, that we were paying it monthly before he arrived anyway, and that we would have paid it whether he showed up or not. In his mind it is perfectly reasonable to benefit from these without paying into them as nothing has really changed.

Nothing he said is technically wrong, but that doesn't make him any less of a freeloading dirtbag (we're not terribly fond of him at this point).

That said, I'm still not in favor of these absurd DRM efforts that are justified by an overblown piracy problem. It is certainly made out to be a larger problem than it is, but I can hardly fault people for trying to fight piracy so long as their methods don't screw over the rest of us.

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ps3-sales! said:

Would the industry fail if everyone pirated things? Duh. Will that ever happen? No.

You don't need everyone to be doing it for a failure to occur, you just need enough people to do it.

ps3-sales! said:

I don't pirate for my Ps4.

Would you if you had the chance?

It's criminal copyright infringement (not theft, BTW; different offense, different penalties). It's against the law. End of discussion. It doesn't matter if it's a millionaire or not. I go and steal a grand from Bill Gates, I'm in serious trouble. No more or less than if I took it from you. The law must always be blind, that is the foundation of an orderly society. So get over it, you're not entitled to that album of game. Entertainment isn't a right, it's a commodity. Say what you want about those millionaires, they have more claim on that revenue than you do on free entertainment.

Because stealing is wrong. If you think stealing isn't wrong, then I don't know what you are thinking.

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Bofferbrauer said:

Legally speaking, piracy is theft in pretty much every juristiction worldwide. While, as you explained, it doesn't exactly fit into the classic scheme of a theft, it could be still considered as one since you're taking something from the owner unaware, in this case the data of the software. And while they are not losing any data in the process, you're still getting something which you haven't paid or worked for or been given as a gift, which is another definition of a theft.

While not every pirated copy translates in an otherwise bought copy lost, the ratio is around 90%, in some cases even above 95%. Worst case being probably World of Goo, which has been downloaded over 16 million times yet not even broke the 500k sales. The Witcher games, which get released DRM-free on PC, also have piracy rates above 80%, meaning for every bought copy there are over 4 pirated copies. Which also proves that your third point is totally wrong to begin with. What's true about it is that piracy on current gen consoles is almost unexistent - but that's more because cracking their anti-piracy measures has become extremly difficult

Also, while the companies which made the games might be very rich, I still feel that pirating software is a big slap in the face to every programmer/artist/IT worker involved into making that game or program. The company might not be worthy of our respect, but their basic employes certainly do.

Your entire second point implies that you understood what I said, and then went the completely other way with it. You still seem to believe that piracy = lost sales. You can throw numbers at me all day, but it doesn't change the fact that those 16 million people largely would never have bought World of Goo. I'd be amazed if even 2% of all those pirates would have bought the game if they had absolutely zero ability to pirate. I admit I may have generalized a little too much saying they wouldn't impact if every pirate in the world suddenly went legit, but at the same time, piracy rates, on average, are much, much, much lower than those numbers. I mean, you're pulling out the worst of the outliers. The Wii was cracked wide open, and if I remember correctly, it was only a number in the hundreds of thousands for people that even downloaded the most basic program required for Wii homebrew and piracy. It goes back to the idea that demand for a product and demand for a paid product are entirely different things. If people think something is worth money, they will spend that money on it outside of flimsy justifications for piracy.

In the end, developers simply need to make a product that people want to buy. I know it isn't easy, and it's unfair to put all the responsibility on them, but if people think a game is worth money, money will be spent. Games like Rocket League are a great example of that.

Edit: Also, piracy is not theft. People like to call piracy the same as theft, but in the end, piracy falls under a different set of laws such as copyright and intellectual property laws.


KLAMarine said:
ps3-sales! said:

I don't pirate for my Ps4.

Would you if you had the chance?

I would not. That might sound ludacrious and hypothetical BS; but truely I would not. I enjoy giving certain people money for their crafted games. Supporting my favorite developer like Naughty Dog who in interviews have impressed me with their general love for gaming; or those indie studios for a few hours 100% worth my $15 like Thatgamecompany and Journey.

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TheGoldenBoy said:

It's stealing.

Simple as that really.

Theft is theft. I don't know how people can think one form of theft is OK because you're doing it to a big corporation who can handle the loss, but other forms are not OK because it affects a smaller business that can't absorb the loss. But some industry people have made piracy sound less bad because they equate used game sales with piracy, or consider it to be as big an evil as piracy. So in some people's minds if some outspoken people in the industry say used game sales are as morally bad as piracy, then since used game sales is a completely legal and legit thing, it means piracy ain't so bad after all.

Used game sales is part of the industry money-go-round, eventually most of the money from used game sales gets funnelled into new game purchases. Piracy is completely black market, any benefit to a legit player in the industry (the devloper) is very much indirect, and very hit and miss.

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poppler said:
ps3-sales! said:

You are the reason why the 1% laughs at people. 

If you want to fork over $15 for that new music album or movie to makes millionaires  more millions, have fun.

You're right. Go to walmart and steal a tv or anything you want, I mean who cares they make millions anyway.

Buncha suckers paying for things amiright?

Good thing most of society isn't this selfish.

They are. Just laws prevent it.

Imagine the chances of being caught downloading a torrent were comparable to stealing a TV?


OP: I've torrented before. You'd struggle to find people on this site who haven't illegally downloaded atleast once. It was when I was a student and had no money though. Now I'm an adult and purchase everything. It's wrong. Either way.

Because its stealing. Doesnt matter if the product belongs to a rich guy or a poor guy. Stealing is stealing.

And by using the well there rich so it doesnt matter would also mean your ok with a guy whos poorer then stealing from you. Its ok right because to him your rich