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Have you ever pirated anything?

Yes 124 73.37%
No 45 26.63%

As long as none of you guys mind your neighbors using some of your wifi, and maybe using some of your land when you aren't around.

Maybe let your neighbors peer through your windows too, it's not like they intend to break in.

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I pirate everything. Movies, books, movies, TV shows, old games, etc. I also buy everything. I'll pirate a movie, and then rent it afterwards, or buy an album and pirate it because that's easier than ripping it. I'll see an indie artist offering their music as "pay what you want" and I toss in a few bucks, I also pay extra for humble bundles, because its still an incredible deal. I'm not made of money. I can only afford to buy so much, and the things I can't afford, I "steal." Might be a kinda shitty thing to do, but frankly I don't think I'm hurting anyone. Just...helping myself, heh. Actually, the only things I don't pirate are PC games, ironically. Its easier and more convenient to buy from Steam than to get it illegally, and I'm not such a huge gamer that I can't be satisfied with all the awesome games I can get for 1-20$.

Obviously I don't have a problem with piracy in general, but what does annoy me is the entitled attitude some people get whenever a company takes measures to protect their intellectual property, as though its somehow our God given right to be able to pirate stuff. It doesn't work that way.

There are strong opinions out there about piracy, for and against, and it's a worthy topic for discussion. But this thread has had far too many reports and far too many flaming posts - not surprising given the aggressive, defiant nature of the OP.

Locking now.