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Have you ever pirated anything?

Yes 124 73.37%
No 45 26.63%
Dusk said:


OdinHades said:

No, it's not the same thing. When pirating, you don't take anything away from anybody. You just make a new copy. That's a rather big difference.

you are using something that doesn't belong to you. Whether making a new copy or not doesn't mean it isn't theft.

piracy is the use of something copy written without permission. In other words, stealing.

You just copied my text in that quote! Is that theft?

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You are right, but I think the contempt is from some of the people that brag about it.

For example, some people will tell you how amazing their rig is: Fancy Graphics card, lots of good RAM, super fast giant drives, hyper expensive super fast internet connection - all stuff that is very expensive. Then, in nearly the same breath, brag about torrenting everything and playing all sorts of games and never paying for them.

It’s like they only value their equipment. As if they spent a bunch of money to buy a super expensive truck – to go to the store and pack it full of stolen goods.

Hey my friend loan me a copy of Alan Wake and I played it. Is that stealing? No money went to the creators?

(Well, then, Ok I did buy it later, and I bought the DLC, so they made money, and made more money. But I wouldn’t have bought the DLC without playing the game, and who knows when and if I would have played the game if my friend had not load it to me. Just turns out it’s probably my favorite 7th gen game.)


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OdinHades said:
Dusk said:

you are using something that doesn't belong to you. Whether making a new copy or not doesn't mean it isn't theft.

piracy is the use of something copy written without permission. In other words, stealing.

You just copied my text in that quote! Is that theft?

No offense to you or anyone else but the views and opinions expressed here are worthless.

LuckyTrouble said:

People assume piracy is some huge detriment to the entertainment industry as a whole. They picture millions of dollars being lost to those pesky pirates who chose to duplicate the product freely rather than pay for the original legitimately. They say that pirates are stealing and are taking sales away from developers. Of course, all of this ignores some pretty basic concepts.

1) Piracy is not theft. Theft is taking the original so that nobody else can use it any longer. Piracy is duplicating a product, maintaining the original, and taking a copy. Nothing is ultimately lost because nothing is actually taken except copied code. With that in mind, we're at the first level of why piracy is not lost sales.

2) People tend to assume that every pirated copy means one lost sale. What this doesn't acknowledge is that somebody who commonly pirates likely had no intention of buying the product to begin with. It isn't a lost sale if there was never intent to purchase. That's logic used to justify harsh DRM policies that people seem to think deter pirates. Having been a part of a couple of game system piracy scenes, I can safely say that a dedicated pirate will wait months for any anti-piracy efforts to be broken just so that they won't have to spend the money if they need to. In the end, all DRM really hurts is the people who legitimately purchase a game, being forced into an always online state or otherwise.

3) Piracy accounts for an exceptionally small percent of people. Such a small amount that even if every person who pirated a game purchased a physical copy instead, it would hardly impact sales. It would be hard to argue that anybody would notice the boost. Piracy is an insiginifcant part of the game and software industry that people are just really desperate to act as if it's something bigger because there is a lot of legal money in treating it that way.

In the end, piracy is blown way out of proportion and is used to justify terrible DRM policies by those that don't understand that it is completely and utterly pointless.

If I could have that on a t-shirt.... Great post tho, there are so many times when I will want to see something awful like Ride to Hell retribution on the PC just for the sake of laughing at how bad it is, if I torrent that game file am I somehow stealing 50euros that I definitely would not have spent from someone? Hardly

Not to mention those who are financially struggling and don't really have the money to buy any sort of entertainment, like to the point where they simply don't have money to spend on a dvd of frozen for their kids... would you rather that person sits there thinking about how shit their life is or that they download a torrent and escape for a while? All the while becoming a statistic of some magic money that they had in their wallets that should have went to Disney.

As for emulation of older games... I'm torn on this, I still have a huge library of my cart based games when it comes to downloading those on things like the psp I don't feel in the least bit sad about it, I think I've bought the whole 2d Sonic series about 6 times by now if not more, (The originals on the Megadrive, Sonic mega collection on the GC, Sonic Mega collection+ on the Xbox, Sonic 1-Knuckles from XBLA, Sonic Megadrive ultimate collection X360) So yeah... I don't feel that bad at all when I load up the classic Sonic games on my PSP, I'm confident I've paid enough for it over the past 20 years. I also now kinda have to emulate some games which I still own like the original pokemon's from the GB simply because the battery backup has died in my original carts so I can't play those on the original hardware.

But yeah emulating games which are available to buy or you've never had purchased the code for at a point.... I'm not sure how I feel about this, unless of course pirating a class like Super Metroid might get you into a franchise and then purchase later games, I can still see merit in this.

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Bofferbrauer said:
ArchangelMadzz said:
You're right as a singular. But piracy is why some games do not come to PC, and why some games are always online.

An activity is inherently bad if done at mass would be detrimental.

And why they have ever more invasive DRM schemes.

Worst thing about that DRM is that pirates playing those games rarely have to deal with it, like if you have a game which when you disconnect from the net you'll be knocked out of your single player game like in Sims4, the pirate version of that game will run an emulated version of the server which the game checks in with, which of course you can't get disconnected from by your net dropping because it's hosted on your PC which ends up with a sad state of the Pirated version of the game being more enjoyable than the version which you pay for.

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SvennoJ said:
Cobretti2 said:
some more spanners into the argument.

Why are set top boxes with recording functionality legal to sell? Isn't that pirating stuff you see on tv to a device you have at home?

borrowing original content from a fried to enjoy that doesn't belong to you, is that not stealing revenue from sales to to original IP owner?

They are legal to sell as long as they don't autoskip commercials... Actually I can't find what came of that court case https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120525/04185919074/tv-networks-file-legal-claims-saying-skipping-commercials-is-copyright-infringement.shtml

Recording to watch later is legal, distributing that recording is not. I guess this describes that but I'm too tired atm to read legal

Not copyright infringement:
(11) the making imperceptible, by or at the direction of a member of a private household, of limited portions of audio or video content of a motion picture, during a performance in or transmitted to that household for private home viewing, from an authorized copy of the motion picture, or the creation or provision of a computer program or other technology that enables such making imperceptible and that is designed and marketed to be used, at the direction of a member of a private household, for such making imperceptible, if no fixed copy of the altered version of the motion picture is created by such computer program or other technology.

As long as you don't steal it from your friend you're in the clear. Right of first sale doctrine and such. You can lend, trade or sell your legal copy.
Also too tired to read through that :p

So if someone downloads and does not distribute is that not the same as my set top box recording by your definition?

The worst part is trying to buy old shows for example that were made in your own country. You email the network and they tell you we won't produce it to dvd or to television ever again. Yet some country across the world happens to release it on dvd go figure lol. 

I honestly thing there are far too many grey areas and they wasting their time fighting it all the wrong way. The music indsutry did it the right way for the medium it provides and how people use it. Small files that sync to phone and can go offline mode when you on a flight.

Steam to a degree for PC games has helped a bit.

Streaming services  fro movies and tv series I don't think is the answer as people want HD quality but internet speed does not allow. Also  it requires you to have an internet connetion. DVDs and BLuray are great but like if you travel around for work alot on flights etc you not going to take a movie with you on disc or stream it over mobile network at $$$$ costs to data plans.  They need to distirbute legal mp4 files where people can watch it on their laptop, phone or plug it into a smart tv on a usb when you away for work.



Funny thing:
For not so famous musicians Spotify is as bad as piracy if not worse. They barely see any money at all, even from peaople that bought their music until recently. Big studios still make money though.

Piracy mainly is an industry thing. The content indurstry tells us that piracy is as bad as rape and murder, that they are losing money massively...

People who download or copy stuff likely would not buy it at all or at least only a very small percentage of it. Take all those music downloads since the early days of Napster. People who have thousands of albums and compilations that before rarely bought a CD.
Teenagers with hundreds of C64, then Amiga and then Playstation games. If you wheren't copying you could afford a handful of new releases a year and maybe some more discounted older games.

Basically people that pirate wouldn't buy as much as they copy or download. They'd buy a really small percentage of it.

Now the content industry calculates let's say 20.000.000 downloads of Ant Man * 15$=300.000.000 loss. That is ridiculous. If not plain stupid.

Then there's the names. Piracy in English. It's actually not like you're sailing arround intending to murder people, is it?
Raubkopie in German, Raub meaning robbery. No it is not like actual robbery. Things i copy are still there. I don't take them away.

Illegal download or illegal copy does not sound that bad though.

Another funny thing, content industry and royalty for goods widely linked with copying media. In Germany there is a royalty on discs, disc drives, printers... for the content industry. The content industry basically gets money because you probably could copy content. No matter if it is a legal or illegal copy. No matter if you copy at all.

The BAD things:
People creating content don't get money from a copy. I'm not even talking about major studios. I'm talking about artists, programmers...
Shopkeepers don't see any money as well. Again not to talk about the bigger companies.
Question is, how much do they actually lose.

People might not be willing to spend much money for content if they get it cheaper/for free. Though i think that this would have to be proven.

Would you steal an iPhone? It's not like it'll make a difference for Apple and/or the electronics retailer you stole it from. Yet I'm guessing the answer is no. Why? Because it's immoral.

Who gives a shit wether you're not gonna pay for it ever? It's still the fucking same as stealing a movie/game/music. Especially with how there are great services for streaming both music and films today (ie. Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. and Netflix)

People trying to make horrible excuses like "Oh, those rich artists don't deserve my money" or "I would never pay for it anyway". People pretending like their piracy is justified is justified is the worse. Like f'in seriously, you're not entitled to steal music or movies or videogames, so stop trying to excuse yourself. Just STFU and be quiet about it.

I do streaming, because i don't have enough money to buy everthing, i buy blu-ray, i buy anime, the best i see in streaming, but i cannot buy all.

Never pirated a single game.