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I'm enjoying the game and atmosphere but it has some flaws.

The slow run speed and even slower acceleration puts a damper on exploration. I like to explore the whole map yet I find myself desperately holding onto R2 not to lose momentum and have to start up again. It's the dumbest system ever. Plus another game where the character gets stumped by low fences. Oh everybody is gone, but I'll respect these little picket fences and not climb over when its locked...

There is no in game map (but plenty you are here maps scattered around) I took some screenshots of those maps so I can quickly switch back and forth to the screenshot with a double tap of the ps button to orientate myself. Too bad ps4 doesn't have a little paint program so I can draw in short cuts.

The worst offender is the lack of save and quit. It only saves after you activate and listen to one of the story orbs by tilting the controller. You could be exploring for an hour or more without a save ever triggering.

The attention to detail is great, music and sound are excellent. Surround sound for once sounds natural when you turn around with voices panning around you, and works very well to locate a ringing phone or radio. Why do so many games get that wrong...