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It looks good. Combat doesn't seem particularly impressive but that's kind of typical for the action RPG genre. It's not a style that interests me but it's definitely popular in Japan.

Really no need to compare it to Horizon, though. The similarity starts and stops at giant monsters. The combat is nothing alike, the overall vibe is nothing alike, and the budget is probably nothing alike.

Slight personal peeve but the whole hipster thing with the main character is not endearing. I hope the battle music can be changed.

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Not sure what game you were looking at, but it looked like an adult "How To Train Your Dragon", and that means I'M IN ON DAY ONE!

(though I hope it has a dragon as cute as Toothless...)

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It was nice to see gameplay for this game. Im going to hold off any judgement since it was a pre alpha build shown. But after playing/seeing what Platnium pulled off on the WiiU (only played W101, not Bayonetta 2 yet). I remain very excited for this game.
I have to believe that the fighting system is going to evolve and the use of other dragons, since this is going to be a RPG. Im not a fan of the main character, or the club music but I also realize I'm no longer the target audience age anymore for main charcters.

DerNebel said:
bananaking21 said:
DerNebel said:

He does seem pretty douchey but a character like that might really speak to the whole Vine generation. Lol

i get it. he is hipster, he is cool, he puts on headphones when he fights people with a sword. but holy fuck are they pushing it, just tone it down a bit. 

Yea, but maybe we just aren't the age group they are targeting here.

Teens that do this might also like this character.

Yeah, I think I'm outside the target demo for this. I could not watch the entire gameplay video because I wanted to break my phone.

Similar thing happened to me with Sunset Overdrive, it seemed like a very fun game, but the guy just wouldn't shut up, I almost punctured both my eardrums with a rusty fork before I gave up on ever watching any video of it.

It looked good, even at 10fps.

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Scalebound looks fantastic even better than horizon to me, i still dont know if its worth to buy an xbox one for this game. Espcaialley if it comes out for PC which this game could it actually need to perform better with higher frame rate.

Just saw the trailer. Personally, I'm loving it. The only things I didn't really like were the framerate and the dude's walking animation, which looked awkward. I'm hopeful both of those things will be fixed before launch, though.

This is really an exclusive the XBO needs, imo.

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It looks interesting to me, if I owned an xbox one I would get the game for sure, maybe not day one but even with poor reviews I'd check it out sometime myself.
Not owning an xbox means the game will need to be amazing to get me to buy one. From the little I've seen it has quite a ways to go. I hope it gets there though.

fleischr said:
This game has an identity crisis.

Is it supposed to be an action game which Kamiya and PG are known for, or some MMO-like RPG?

So you're saying Platinum should make action games forever? They already said what it is, an action RPG.

White hair, has a dragon, immune to fire.... Dude must be a Targaryen. xD

This game looks like a cross between Devil May Cry and Final Fantasy in the best possible way. The only fault I see that the combos look weak and don't seem to string together properly. Other than that everything looks great.