Naruto US Live-Action film adaptation in negotiations

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They eff'd up DBZ and now they want to ruin Naruto?!?!? Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Naruto? What about Yugioh? Or a live action pokemon would be huge!

Just noticed the Dragonballz cartoon is coming to theaters soon!

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Please. Don't break Naruto's precious little integrity please.
the only way i think that anime based movies would work if they take a similar approach to comics movies like the avengers or the dark knight in order to make it successful.

Wtf way to ruin things

Oh man, now everyone can watch the inspirational story of a poor orphan who's really the chosen one prove to everyone that he's actually the chosen one.

Seriously though, this will probably be terrible. 

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Oh wow, I bet it will be as good as the Dragonball one!

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Oh no, don't do that to the little fox boy.

think about it.. If the last Airbender or DBZ were succesfull this would have happend sooner...


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Live-action anime adaptions? Gee, what could possibly go wrong.

If it doesn't have top notch CGI for the fights, it's gonna be shitty. It really depends where in the Naruto story they are going to base the film on.