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Biggest city in a game?

Liberty City (GTA IV) 11 9.40%
Rome (AC: Brotherhood) 8 6.84%
Hong Kong (Sleeping Dogs) 3 2.56%
Chicago (Watch Dogs) 3 2.56%
Los Santos (GTA V) 54 46.15%
Hong Kong (Sleeping Dogs) 1 0.85%
Other 37 31.62%

I would say Mushroom city from mario kart double dash... ehh jk I guess the city from GTA IV?

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I think the city in Just Cause 2 is the biggest. Although I'm not sure if it was one city or an entire country.


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Los Santos is like 5x bigger than Liberty City lol.

WTF Panau from Just Cause 2 is much bigger than Los Santos!

Driver SF was pretty big, LA Noir as well at 8 sq miles (4 times Los Santos in GTA V)

As comparison here's Los Santos (city)

LA Noir was huge.

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is that typo - 2 Hong Kongs on the poll?

I believe Los Santos in GTA V.

Big City Adventure games, I think New York is the biggest city there.

I actually skipped it but I assume Paris in Assassin's Creed Unity was pretty big. And London in the next one will be no doubt.

Hong Kong in SD was huge :O

Not necessarily entirely open world but I found Rabanastre from FFXII huge.


(Going from what I played ;p - havent played GTAV or Just Cause series yet)


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