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FloatingWaffles said:

The PS4's userbase in Japan is very small and it's smaller than the Wii U userbase in Japan. 

But it'll be bigger by the time this is out, unless it's some kind of surprise 2015 release (unlikely).

Not that it matters to me, I'm only in this for the meltdowns. Only DQ i really want is Heroes (both), rest of the games are boring

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DerNebel said:
Conegamer said:
So it's on the PS4, as we've known really for the best part of forever. Hoping for real details and not just a teaser.

Huh? There has been no confirmation for that as of now or did I miss something?

Yeah you're right. XOne and N64 exclusive confirmed!

(I'm just arriving at the most logical conclusion)


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Ouya exclusive confirmed! Didn't you hear? Razer just bought out Ouya. Doesn't that seem just a little too coincidental to you?

But in all seriousness, PS3/PS4 is probably the most likely (almost the highest available userbase, and the exclusivity virtually guarantees Sony will help pay for the marketing), but PS4 exclusive is also a possibility, as is PS3/PS4/Wii U.

DerNebel said:
FloatingWaffles said:
The best thing for them to do with the next Dragon Quest game would be to go multiplatform. The only reason people want it exclusive to a certain console is because that console is their favorite and they want another exclusive to try and brag about/feel good about. This can be said about any game anyway.

The PS4's userbase in Japan is very small and it's smaller than the Wii U userbase in Japan. They should just put it on PS4/WiiU/etc. Even port it an Xbox One version if they want to, or maybe an NX version as well if the NX is out by the time the game is releasing.

The reason I want this on PS4 is because I actually want to play it and with Sony I can be pretty sure that the game will be brought over, even if SE is too lazy or stupid to do it then at least Sony will do it.

Nintendo/SE haven't bothered to bring a Dragon Quest game to the west since 2010 but SE releases one DQ game on PS and it promptly releases in the west as well.

Don't care if it's exclusive though, but I'd prefer if it wasn't butchered to work on last gen hardware.

Pretty much sums up my outlook on it, though I'd also add that worse comes to worse I could just import the damn thing as long as it comes to ps4.

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Since DQ is way bigger in Japan than the rest of the world. It would be best for Square Enix to release it to PS3, PS4 and Wii U. Unless Sony or Nintendo have exclusive rights though. It is pretty certain it would be launched at a home console so Vita and 3Ds which is selling more than its home console counterpart, which I tend to believe SE needs to maximize everything the home console can offer than handhelds.

scorpion-tail said:

Just a reminder so haters actually consider possibilities based on evidence:


Executive producer Yuu Miyake also brought up the more practical, financial side of running a successful MMO. "One thing I can say," he said, "looking across the series from DQ8 onward, is that the business model of creating a retail package and releasing it exclusively on a single platform has become difficult to execute. Gamers' play styles and tastes are getting segmented, and we can't settle on a single platform.

"practical, financial side of running a successful MMO"


While it could be multiplat, I wouldn't tie it to that statement. DQ XI won't be an MMO.

It would be awesome if they do Ps3/Ps4/WiiU

Tons of people would be able to play it

But I don´t think that´s what is going to happen...


Can somebody plz tell me when the show starts (Berlin time)?

Dr.Vita said:


Can somebody plz tell me when the show starts (Berlin time)?

In 14 hours, so 10 AM in Berlin