NASA Discovers Earth 2.0?!!?

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To bad it's 1400 light years away, practically impossible to get to it.

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MoHasanie said:
t3mporary_126 said:

It is 6 billion years older than Earth and 1.5 billion years older than our Sun. So maybe we're Earth 2.0  or Kepler-452b 2.0

This is incorrect. I got confused too when reading it. Kepler 454b's host star is 1.5bn older than the sun, not Kepler 452b it self. The planet, Kepler 452b is more than 6bn years old. 

Fixed it, thanks! 

News like this is amazing.

I love all these discoveries and the potential for new worlds.

So sad to hear that the water is already drying up on that planet :/. If only our civilization was a bit more advanced or discovered this earlier (with better technology earlier).


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So probably Adam and Eve is from Kepler 452 b's, and we were actually an Alien