So it looks like Pixels is beyond terrible.

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But here is Tyrion Lannister

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Augen said:

Opposite for me. The fight in Episode 3 felt overly choreographed, giving a sense of watching a ballet rather than a fight. It also suffered from being bloated in addition to no emotional investment because I never bought Annakin and Obi-Wan as friends.

Compared to Luke's two fights with Vader that have great narrative drive with the fight teaching you about the characters and feel genuine. Luke laying into Vader and cutting his arm off is far more visceral than flipping and spinning around around stuff that premeated the prequels.  The low point being seeing the great philosopher and master Yoda degraded to jumping around completely missing the point of the whole character.

Battles are meant to drive stories and characters, devoid of emotion and context they feel sterile and bore me.  To me the prequel battles feel like intended for 6 year olds while the old ones feel mature and nuanced in their construction and execution.  I'll never forget Vader toying with Luke with the lighting and mood and then hammering him with the revelation that changed the whole series.  That makes Empire not just a great Star Wars film, but an honest great work in film making.  

What exactly is your point?. Due to his small stature that was the best way he had to fight his enemies during the prequels (Dooku and Palpatine). It was a fighting style of his own and a great showing of his caliber as an elder jedi master. I have to disagree with you, it wasn't degrading in any way shape or form. Having a flexible fighting style doesn't take anything from his character as a wise, intelligent master.


On topic: Adam Sandler is literally movie poison just like Eddie Murphy. When will people learn this?.

And yet the U.S. moviegoers will eat it up.

I guess that some people really dislike Adam Sandler. I like the majority of his comedies.

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Did anyone expect a good movie from current Sandler?

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im so sad that Adam Sandler became this "joke"... i really like his old movies i had a lot of fun as a kid watching all of them.

An Adam Sandler movie about video games. How can that possibly ever be good. Frankly I'm surprised 19% of reviewers on rotten tomatoes gave it a positive score. Perhaps low expectations allowed some critics to enjoy the movie more than it deserves. If I can watch it without paying for it and I am looking for a reason not to do something more important I should be doing then I might see it.

Is Tron the best movie about a video game ever? Actually no, I think Wreckit Ralph probably is now.

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There was a time when I really enjoyed Adam Sandler movies.  But he hasn't made a good one in 10 years.  He's been funny at times, but his acting his actually horrible.

Skullwaker said:
RavenXtra said:
It stars Adam Sandler.. that was enough to tip me off. :|

I'm in the same boat as you.

Same here.  Any movie starring Adam Sandler is garbage.