Are you upgrading to Windows 10?

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Of course. Only reason I'm not already using preview for windows 10 is because my main driver is my only PC and I definitely do not want that to break :P.

In the day I'll read some reviews ( Just to make sure there are no major PC breaking bugs ) and then upgrade.

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I will still stay with XP or whatever I have.

I guess I have Google chromecast.

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It doesn't delete your stuff. Whenever you upgrade a computer, laptop, tablet OS your stuff stays on it. I upgraded and all of my stuff is still here. If you play on the XBOX ONE I suggest upgrading. So anyone that is hoping it will format your computer, it will not.

Not now; I want to see some reception first.

Maybe later this year.

Been using windows 10 for a good few months now and I honestly can say I wouldn't move back to Windows 7(skipped 8/8.1)

Funny thing was that for some reason 7 crashed my PC often(BSOD) but with Win 10 I haven't experienced a crash yet!

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Im still on the fence, I really enjoy Windows 7, but I plan on building a new PC soon so I would probably put Windows 10 on that.

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Gonna check it out for sure. My dual boot Windows 8.1 is waiting for a clean install. Should be some time though until I switched all my stuff from my Win 7 partition.

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I've got a old windows pc that is on the insider program. It only has 2GB and a dual core processor (E2160) it was getting sluggish with XP even after much optimising but with Windows 10 it's fast. Windows 10 is obviously a much leaner faster os and its got a great gui. Games run better and its much more logical and organised than windows 8. It also seems much better optimised than windows 7 plus it has a load of great new features. I've hated Windows operating systems for a long time, often bloated and slow but this seems to me a massive improvement. I shall definitely be upgrading my laptop and main PC with windows 10 in fact I'll be more than glad to see the back of windows 7 and 8. I think Microsoft are worried about competition like Steam OS because they have really put some effort in with this one.

Conegamer said:
Most definitely. It's new, it's better and it's free. The better question would be "Why are you NOT upgrading"?

I like Windows 7.. and so do my programs.. And as long as MS will keep Win7 secure until 2020.. I have no rush.

I'll be getting it