Mutant flowers grow near Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

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Japanese Twitter user who lives in the city of Nasushiobara, about 110 km from the nuclear plant, posted the following photos of what appears to be mutated daisies:

Some flowers have been blooming with double flowers and up to four stems.

Comparison picture:

Four years after the tragic disaster saw the meltdown of six nuclear reactors at the plant following a tsunami, the area is still being affected by radiation that came after the tragedy.  

The sprouting of abnormal flowers at the site of Fukushima however is not a shock with deformed fruit growing within the area as well.  


Quite scary stuff, who knows what else could be affected around the area and perhaps the gravest consequences to the Power Plant situation are not even viewable by the naked eye.

I wonder whatever happened to and about the story of those brave men who worked inside the Power Plant at extremely high levels of radiation in order to avert a bigger disaster.

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It must be worse than we thought, because daisies do that all over the world and even before the accident

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For some reason, those daisies creep me out.


Close Close. now I want to see the bees. 

its strange because on flower yet look strange but not monstruous. but the same thing on a humain or animal would be totally horrible.

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Least theres no triffids yet.

I came here expecting flowers with arms or something.

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Ultrashroomz said:
For some reason, those daisies creep me out.

I don't blame you! They look like they are multiplying or something. >.>

When I saw closely, these things gives me chills all over my body.

They're freaking me out...