WiiU has surpassed the Dreamcast is the United States.

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Nice. The next achievement for the Wii U will be overtaking the Game Gear and the Vita.


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johnsobas said:

well i added up all the numbers myself and i got 4,096,544. Don't know where the OP got the numbers from but he's not the only one reporting it.

i guess someone mistook 4.01 million for 4.1 million.

That number is 4.1m? Not 4.01m

Besides, there are other things incorrect about the OP that I mentioned above. For example the Dreamcast only shipped 9.13m worldwide. Not 9.16m or 9.20m as mentioned by the OP in the posts above. 

I thought Dreamcast sold 10.6 mil worldwide?


Assyrian612 said:
I thought Dreamcast sold 10.6 mil worldwide?

Wikipedia is wrong. 

The correct figure is 9.13m as per Sega's financial reports and backed up by CESA.

RubberWhistleHistle said:
Well you guys, if we can be sure of anything, it's that the wii u is going to end up with very expensive games and is found to be a bitch to collect for ten years from now. Every nintendo console has ridiculously expensive nintendo published titles. This will obviously be no different, and in fact, I think we can be sure that it will be much worse.

In 3-5 years time you'll have a perfect Wiiu emulatore already on thr market - that's going to hurt the historical value of these games significantly as it has with many past games.

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Congrats to noa 🙌




Can we un-doom it now?

Man, isn't that the compliment of the year.

There no way this would ever unlock an achievement or trophy lol.


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johnsobas said:
Eddie_Raja said:

Oh without a doubt some people will think this...BUT - You know what the Dreamcast wasn't very good!  There I said it!  

It was underpowered, undersupported, and while it had some cool new features like MP and the swappable controller card, none of those "Revolutionary" features worked nearly as well as they did on the PS2 and Xbox.  Also its controller lacked 2 analog sticks which is a massive mistake.

It had loads of great games and was a cheap console.  You were 8 years old when it came out so excuse me if I don't value your opinion very much.

I honestly never knew much about it because I never saw it anywhere.   BUt inform me, what great games did it have?

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