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Good games, the rest doesn't matter to me

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For me to be an early adopter again, it needs a strong line-up at launch. A strong line-up in the "launch-window" isn't good enough, I have little confidence they won't get delayed, so I'll just hold off.(Not a bad thing at all though, since the games are always good in the end.)

In general:
1. Good games. (A given)

2. Fun. (Likewise)

3. Just keep the Nintendo magic, no ridiculous DLC, no expensive online system (I'll pay if it's of a high quality and delivers value)

4. Try and get some sort of third-party support.

5. To keep their games output at a good level, I'd like them to acquire some bigger companies who are on the rocks (Capcom, anyone?), this would get their franchises exclusive and would help sales.

6. Capitalise on the new franchises which have found success this generation, or older ones that have had newfound success (e.g Tomodachi Collection, Splatoon & Pushmo; Kid Icarus & Fire Emblem). Don't milk them, but keep the momentum going.

7. Revive and/or reboot old franchises which need a new entry (Ice Climber, Balloon Fight, F-Zero)

8. As for price, if NX ends up being a 3DS replacement, $250 (Australian) is the max I would be happy with; less would be preferable, but the 3DS XL is still $250, so I can't see that happening. If it's a Wii U replacement, $300 is the sweetspot, $350 the absolute max. If it looks like being a fusion console that replaces both, I'd pay up to $450.

I have not been unhappy with my Wii U, though still hate the name.

1. Find some way to prevent the bigwigs of 3rd party, e.g. EA, Activision, Bethesda, etc. to stop talking as though Nintendo systems are garbage. Personally, I think that just caused a bandwagon approach to the other 3rd parties and many consumers to avoid the Wii U. It is at least as powerful as the PS3/360, and it was only this year that the big publishers stopped supporting those two.

2. If the NX is what everyone is thinking, hybrid TV/Handheld; then go full backwards compatibility, VC downloads of all previous systems, grab the Turbo Graphix 16, NeoGeo and Sega too.

3. Stick with SD Micro Cards, 128 gigs aren't super expensive, unlike the Vita cards.

4. Actually Market the thing.

5. Have at least 1-3 of the following games at launch:
Mario Kart

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A steady output of games, Wii U's output has been trash.  The only time I remember turning my Wii U on this whole year was the Splatoon beta.

I agree with most people here.

1. A larger harddrive. At least start at 250GB.

2. A better online system.

3. A traditional conroller

4. Backwards compatibility with Wii U/Wii and Gamecube disks and controllers (gamecube controller via adapter)

5. 3rd party support

6. A steady flow of games (no droughts)

7. A powerful system, with more power than the PS4


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1. Third Party Support- Honestly, there is not much that Sony does that would really inspire me to buy a console on its own, and even less from Microsoft. If the NX got the same third party games as its rival consoles, I could only own that console.

2. More innovative titles in core franchises- If you look at the Wii U's library in regards to Nintendo's core lineup, you'll see a lot of good games but few that really felt new. Super Mario 3D World was a nice expansion on 3D Land, which itself was a bit of a scaled down Galaxy. Tropical Freeze was, in my opinion, a lesser DKCR. Smash was what you'd expect of a fighting game sequel. Mario Kart 8 had some upside downy sequences which really weren't weren't as interesting as they could have been.

Not that I didn't like these games, but they didn't really offer a new experience in the same was as Super Mario Galaxy, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Metroid Prime, Mario Kart Double Dash, and so on.

3. More casual games- You know what? I like Wii Sports. I like Wii Sports Resort even more. I love having games that I can play and have fun with even with non-gaming friends. In the Wii U era, Nintendo really dropped the ball with this.

4. A new and weird controller- I doubt we'll see this if the NX is a hybrid as seems likely, but I really like offbeat controllers like the Wii. I just love new control schemes in general. I like games like Kid Icarus Uprising and Wonderful 101 that offer something new to learn and master. If that is built into the very system itself, all the better.

5. True portable games- The idea of a hybrid sounds good, but not if it's just console games that can be played on the go. The 3DS features tons of games that are optimized for portable gaming. I'd hate to see this style of game go away. Ideally they should make games that can be played on portable or home consoles, but make some that are chiefly designed for each.

So those are my things. Probably a lot different than many people online who seem to want a PS4 with Nintendo games, but I personally want Nintendo to keep doing things in a unique way.

1-300/350$ Price (whick means a damn powerfull console if you didn't get it);
2-A Legit Metroid Prime Game (if it's a crossplatform both a Prime game and a 2D game would be appreciated
A port of Zelda U similar to the Wind Waker one with bundles and everything;
4-Port/Actual Release of Pokkén Tournament;
5- free online.
I'm good with that

What you said plus voice chat for online.

yvanjean said:

1. The console can't be expensive, around $250.

2. The NX will have to be vastly more powerful then WiiU, can't be a step backward.

Pick one


Nintendo Games, which i know it will have so i am pretty sure i will get it no matter what.