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Okay, I'm writing this conspiracy theory because time is expiring quickly. So, I'll keep it short as I can. But as detailed as I can. 

Reggie is going to be named president of Nintendo soon and I would like to catch it before it expires.  If you are reading this in a week or so and it's wrong, then whatever.  But I'm calling it first. 

Iwata is dying.  They had to know, they have to know.  It's a company.  It's their perogative to know the king's health.  So, they decided upon naming a successor.  Iwata, that bastard, he gave us one last gift.  An American ran Nintendo President.

First off, why the hell not.  Is there a law that states you can't be president here if you're foreign.  You thinkg Genyo Takeda is going to to dress furry just because he's the president now?  Hello, no!  He's been there for 43 years.  Fuck no.  Reggie is the guy.  Iwata knew he was the guy.  They spoke and they knew what they were doing without many translations.  Reggie understood Iwata's plan.  He had to know.  A company must know these things.  It's a plan that would stretch the life span of 10 year or more.  At least thats how I think Iwata would have done things.  PLan them out.  He's seen his decade year anniversary and the accomplisments he has had.  He wants that again for Nintendo.  His death was possibly not immenent.  To the point where doctors would have given him the results a long time ago.  It was serious.  He may have known it was time when E3 was around.  Before that even.  When they first showed the E3 announcements.  The Nintendo World Championship at E3.  He must have enjoyed watching the preceedings of that tournament.  

He was basically speaking for Iwata when he made the comment about what Iwata said.  I don't remember article saying he was being reprimanded for doing so.  And why would day?  Because he's untouchable.   


And it goes deeper.  They need a face for their new endeavors.  How big is nintendo expanding into, and where do you see their brand in the next 10 years? 

Nintendo Land.  That's gonna be big.  And what comes from Nintendo land are movies and other media.  A Nintendo Network is going to be a Nintendo Network.  Think WWE network or Hulu or Netflix.  For a low price.  Not only that, but it connects your NX to it. Also, bring your NX here to Nintendo land and recieve golden prices.  Play us on your app phone, we got games that matter.  And because we deviced a many by little pay system, everyone and their mothers is going to have it on their mobile. 

If you've been following Iwata for as long as his term, you may have saw he made a name for himself for being innovative.  WHo is the most coolest dude in Nintendo Executive Toilet Room?  Reggie.  Iwata is placing the best face for Nintendo and he knows it's Reggie. 

And it's not like Reggie isn't fit to run a company.  I mean, it's there right?  President of Nintendo of America.  He has been there all along the 3DS.  The Wii U.  The Wii.  That's a long line of moments to add to the resume.

I got more, but I better post this now.  Just in case it's too late.  Japan is not of interim and immediate successor must be named. 

Shout out to Iwata for making Reggie King.  I will miss your spirit, sir!  

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Or nah?

Maybe after a gene transplant to become Japanese.

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Mystro-Sama said:
Or nah?

Thank you for expanding.  Spammers aren't cool.

Ouroboros24 said:
Mystro-Sama said:
Or nah?

Thank you for expanding.  Spammers aren't cool.

What expanded? Was it the dong?

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I have a hunch Miyamoto will be the next president of Nintendo.


vivster said:
Maybe after a gene transplant to become Japanese.

That's racist.  A Japanese man just died.  Sarcasm.

Reggie barely had influence in America, never mind in Japan. He's a media figure, nothing more.

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Good lord I hope not. Reggie is the typical suit, and I can't stand him.

I really dont think reggie is the right man for the job.... so I hope thats not true.
Also have you seen the PR the guy does? jebus..... Nintendo Directs with reggie? just no... please no.