Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has passed away

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Holy fucking shit! This sucks a big one.

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I've never felt sad when somebody famous died.
But today, somehow, I'm close to tears, although I didn't even know him.

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Deeply saddened by this news. RIP Iwata-San. You will be missed.

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I'm so, so sad to hear this. He was a great man, and left such a huge legacy with the Wii, DS, and their successors. He literally impacted hundreds of millions of lives. He'll be sorely missed :(. RIP

bunchanumbers said:
Looking back on it, you can see it. He really lost a lot of weight over the last couple years and it never looked like he put it back. This is most likely why he didn't go to E3 this year and it makes sense. Travel in his condition would have been a bad idea. And this whole time he was thinking of nothing but turning the company around, even in his condition. I hope you rest in peace, Iwata. You deserve it.

I noticed that too. Esp. when my mother (who suffered from pancreatic cancer) went through very similar symptoms of weight loss like Mr. Iwata. When all things are clear, I hope they hire someone who will continue running the company like the way he did during the Wii and DS era.

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Sad news. Thanks for everything, Iwata-San. 


Great man, rest in piece. Thank you for all the amazing games made possible by your administration.

R.I.P. I am truly sad to hear this is really happening. I really liked that man and I always will. Thank you Iwata-san for all those years of great passion and love to games!! I will always remember you!


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Thanks for some fun games and systems, Iwata. You've had quite an impact on the industry you loved.

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