What will happen to the "Wii something" games when the NX comes out?

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What will happen to the "Wii something" games when the NX comes out?

They will continue as usual, no changes. 11 12.09%
They will continue to exi... 12 13.19%
They will continue to exi... 14 15.38%
They will make few and bi... 9 9.89%
Nintendo will keep the Wi... 9 9.89%
Nintendo will keep the Wi... 2 2.20%
NIntendo will abandon the... 34 37.36%

They should ride the name as long as it both ties into one of the best selling games of all time and irritates those who think Nintendo should be more generic.

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I wonder how their release strategy for Wii Sports Club worked out for them...
I can't imagine big retail releases for these games would be worthwhile anymore...
It wouldn't surprise me if these games become low-budget digital-only assets for them in the future...

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I say Nintendo has abandoned the "Wii xxx" brand already given how lazy of a job they did with Wii Sports Club.

Although, depending on the climate, I wouldn't be surprised if the Wii branding or a successor appears in order for more fitness games.

Maybe change it to Mii Sports/Fit/Party?

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Is NX the official title or is it a code name?

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Definitely abandoning Wii brend completely, all Wii related expect Wii Party U this gen completely failed, also because of WiiU Wii brand now is kind a toxic.

Nogamez said:
Who's says NX wont be called Wii something? NX is a working title and Nintendo will change it to something terrible nearer its release.

I say, biggest mistake (in combination with bad marketing) with Wii U was naming it "Wii something", I can't imagine they will do something similar to new hardware too. Wii brand is completely dead.

To me Miis look too bad to be on another sistem, I hope Nintendo takes them to another level by making them more customizable and accurated in dettails . If they changed the appearance of the Miis they should also change the Name Mii into something appropriate as similar to the final name of NX. THEN they could transform the Wii series in the dedicated series of this new characters.

Wii brand might be forgotten

And NX is just a code name, you know ?