Wii U or Vita, which has been more successful/profitable?

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Wii U or Vita

Vita has 2 million more sales 63 27.04%
Wii U has 2 games enterin... 137 58.80%
see results 31 13.30%
other, post below 2 0.86%
Kelzus said:
I have no idea about profits but the Wii U seems to have damaged the brand I guess. But then most people who have a Vita or Wii U seem happy with them.

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If we go by what was more profitable my guess would be Wii U. If we go by "success" I'd have to say Vita wins that cripple fight. The drop from PSP to Vita (80m > 12m) while terrible is less terrible than the Wii to Wii U drop (100m > 10M). Also the Vita utterly destroys the Wii U when it come to number of releases so from a gamers perspective I have much more to play.

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I think it's fair to say WiiU SW is doing a damn good job holding Nintendo over for the time being.

Even without 3rd party, WiiU SW aggregates not far behind X1.

Vita SW pretty much only sells in Japan. I doubt Sony gets as much royalties on Vita releases as Nintendo does on their games.

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In the video game business, you do not make money from the hardware. You make money from the software. The Wii U is far more profitable (or should I say, lost less money) than the Vita. Not only the Wii U had very strong software sales for its install base, but the big hitters were all from Nintendo. So they made all of the money, not just a cut of it (which Sony gets from its third parties).


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None, but if you had to pick, I guess the Wii U.


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Pretty sure Wii U. While Vita's million sellers only sold around 1m each, Wii U's sold 5-2m each

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The Wii U lost the least money, but the only reason you made this thread was to say that the Wii U beat the Vita after all.

Wii U lost the least money, but in the end, Vita won the race (between the Wii U and the Vita).

Softwarewise the wiiu, everything else the vita

Mario Kart, NSMBU, Smash, Splatoon, Mario Maker all selling 2-6+ million copies each probably puts it in favor of Nintendo.

ExplodingBlock said:
Pretty sure Wii U. While Vita's million sellers only sold around 1m each, Wii U's sold 5-2m each

Its pretty equal actually

vita = 40 million software sales + Allot more digital sales

Wiiu = 50 million software sales

Nintendo has clearly more first party and gets more money out of this but remember that every third party game is giving both nintendo and sony money its 11% of every game dueto royalties. So i would give the edge to nintendo but sony is still doing a lot of money too espacially for not putting any cost into devoloping games so its a lot closer than most people would think