Main reason you own a PS console 1st or 3rd party Exclusives?

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Main reason you own a PS console 1st or 3rd party Exclusives?

1st Party Exclusives 155 62.50%
3rd Party Exclusives 93 37.50%

None of those. I buy a ps console primarily for multiplat games. 1st and 3rd parties exclusives are just icing on the cake though I can't pass a generation without playing an Uncharted, god of war or any new IPs they come up with.  Sony always surprised me with their new ip.  Last gen was TLOU, demon souls and heavy rain.    

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Originally third parties when I first got a PS2.

Now its because of both first and third party.


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Qwark said:
1st party I like Killzone, Infamous and Driveclub. I will love Uncharted, R&C, TLG and Horizon, best game on ps is a third party exclusive. Bloodborne

Bloodborne is "2nd party".

First Party exclusives for now but this could potentially change because Japan will eventually decide to move on from PS3 and develop exclusively for PS4.

Definitely 3rd party exclusives, those pretty much make the system for me.

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When I get a PS3, it will definitely be for 3rd Party games (Namco Bandai and Square Enix games, namely)

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A mix of both, though I'd say that the third party exclusives interest me a lot more.

WoodenPints said:
Areal-Llort said:
I used to love Sony until Crash Bandicoot, Parappa, Twisted Metal, and Spyro weren't a thing anymore.

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Sony's first party games normally dont interest me. Only reason why I bought a PS4 was for Persona 5, Tales of Zestiria and Dragon Quest Heroes

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I would have say it is a combination of both, but I do far prefer Sony first party games over ones from Microsoft.