Main reason you own a PS console 1st or 3rd party Exclusives?

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Main reason you own a PS console 1st or 3rd party Exclusives?

1st Party Exclusives 155 62.50%
3rd Party Exclusives 93 37.50%

First party games = 49.99999999999999999999%
Third party games = 50.0000000000000000001%

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I own them because my girlfriend forgets she owns it and leaves it at my house. I still have her PS3.

My true form. You like it?

From my list: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=7414163
-Final Fantasy- multiplat novv
-Star Ocean- Generally 3rd party exclusive
-Kingdom Hearts- Generally 3rd party exclusive apparently MP novv
-Tales Of- Generally 3rd party exclusive
-Infamous- 1st party
-Uncharted- 1st party
-Koei games: VVarriors, ROTK, Tactics, Kessen, NA - All 3rd party exclusive except vvarriors MP
-Disgaea- 3rd party exclusive
-Fallout- MP
-Dragon Quest- Generally exclusive but svvitches from Nintendo and Sony

So I guess mainly 3rd party exclusives. VVith 6/10.

Because I like games.

Looking at my games I don't think one was actually an exclusive.... No man's sky will probably be the first, tho that's also PC. What exclusives are ahead of us?

So yeah, definitely third party, but even more so the larger community that includes every console playing friend I have.

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There are so many more third party developers than first party developers.

hhmmm good question, i do have played a lot of 3rd party exclusives and i like a lot of them, but there is also some 1rst party exclusives that i cant imagine not playing on an entire generation... i think its both with 3rd partys having a slight edge due to the simply big ammount of them.

Both .

We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

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Reason #1: Naughty Dog. Their games become instant classics as soon as they are announced.

Reason #2: Japanese support.

Reason #3: Nobody in my country plays on XBox. The Marketshare in Latin America is probably 9:1

Both, I've probably played more first party exclusives, but I've probably enjoyed the third party exclusives more, so it's pretty even.

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