Main reason you own a PS console 1st or 3rd party Exclusives?

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Main reason you own a PS console 1st or 3rd party Exclusives?

1st Party Exclusives 155 62.50%
3rd Party Exclusives 93 37.50%

Third party and that it was the preferred console among friends this gen. Last gen we were all on the 360, and depending what the next gen reveals we may very well switch back to Microsoft... It's why that first year of release is so crucial to consoles.

I still get Nintendo systems as they have exclusives I want badly enough, but I'm not quite there with Sony... The ps4 is just the most well rounded of the three.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Main reason I buy PS consoles is for the third party multiplats. All the exclusives are just the icing on the cake

Not logical, if multi plats were thé main reason you could go on Xbox, but if you ask yourself what is thé main reason you go on PS over Xbox, which is thé question hère i suppose, first party and 3rd party exclusives are thé obvious answer



For me its both, it brings a huge variety of games 

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First party. Without any question what-so-ever.

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Tough choice as Sony has amazing 1st party games, but in the end it's 3rd party for me. The love for JRPG is too strong in me xD

Both, but with a fairly significant edge towards third party exclusives, especially if you consider their "second party" developers (namely, Insomniac) as third party.

As a huge JRPG fan, you can't compete with Playstation's third party exclusive JRPG line-up. The aforementioned Insomniac also gave us the good Spyros and Ratchet and Clank.
But at the same time, Sony's first party gave us The Last of Us. And that's pretty much a good enough reason for me, despite me not being a fan of a lot of Sony's big first party exclusives, namely God of War, Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet, and Killzone.

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I buy them for JRPGs.

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just for games in general tbqh

Third-party exclusives > Third-party multiplats / First-party exclusives.

WoodenPints said:
Lortsamler said:

I didn't add an option to the poll for both as I wanted to see what the actual "Main" reason was even if your for both it must be 50.0001% vs 49.9999% either way :)

Then it's 50.0001% in favour of 1th party then :)

third party exclusives like Bloodborne