Main reason you own a PS console 1st or 3rd party Exclusives?

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Main reason you own a PS console 1st or 3rd party Exclusives?

1st Party Exclusives 155 62.50%
3rd Party Exclusives 93 37.50%

Was just wondering what people think about this, Do you perfer the 1st party exclusives or the 3rd party exclusives for the PS3/PS4. Or what made you pick up your PS3/PS4 console?

For me personaly the most attractive thing aobut PS isnt any of Sony's big hitters I dont even like the long running series God fo War or Uncharted, it's the niche japanese games especially the JRPG's that usually entice me to buy a PS console. I'm not saying X game is crap or that I don't like any of their 1st party games just their Big AAA titles are more of an afterthought for me not the system seller that they are generally.

What about everyone else am I in the minority here or do many of you feel the same as me? 

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Both :) Unlike Nintendo where they lack third party support and unlike Xbox where their first party titles don't appeal to me, Sony has the best of both worlds.

Third Party exclusives for the most part. The main reason I buy a PS consoles is for their exclusive jrpgs and hardly anything else since a lot of the third party games I can just get on PC


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Main reason I buy PS consoles is for the third party multiplats. All the exclusives are just the icing on the cake

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RPGs are the reason I get PS consoles, aside from DDR being the reason for PS2, haha...



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Them 3rd party JRPG's .

1st party exclusives for me.

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In order of desirability, for me at least, it's:

1) Third-party exclusives - this is the bread and butter of the Sony ecosystem, dating back to PS1. The number one reason to buy a PS system is third-party exclusives. This includes games like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Devil May Cry, Grand Theft Auto III, Metal Gear Solid 3, Demon's Souls, Bloodborne, etc.

2) Third-party multiplats - this is especially true of the PS4, which is basically the 8th gen equivalent of Xbox 360. Third-party multiplats generally play and perform better on PS4. 

3) First-party exclusives -- Sony's first-party portfolio is a mixed bag. Some games - God of War, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Infamous, Uncharted 2 - are great. Others not so much. Right now, its first-party output sits somewhere between Nintendo in first and Microsoft in third.

Lortsamler said:

I didn't add an option to the poll for both as I wanted to see what the actual "Main" reason was even if your for both it must be 50.0001% vs 49.9999% either way :)