Will You Be Angry If NX Is Only Moderately More Powerful Than Wii U?

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For home console, yes. I really don't know what kind of features they would have to introduced to get me even slightly interested. For handheld? NO! If they can come up with the protable console which is as much powerful as Wii U, it'd be amazing!

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I wouldn't be angry, just disappointed.

Slarvax said:
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Slarvax said:
Miyamotoo said:

You mean same like Wii was death of Nintendo consoles!?

Do you think the Wii would've sold as much as it did if it was a powerful as the PS1?

Wii was slightly powerful than GC, so I don't see point of question.

And GC was a powerful 6th Gen console, so Wii was an underpowered 7th gen console.

GC -> Wii was good because HD development was young, difficult, and expensive.

Wii U is a powerful 7th gen console... In the 8th gen. So, if we compare GC -> Wii to Wii U -> NX... It's gonna one of the most stupid decisions made by Nintendo IMO.

Less complicated version: NX will be 2 generations behind; would've the Wii sold as much in the same scenerio?

NX will not be 9th gen. console especially if is coming next year, new PS4/Xbox One consoles will probably arrive 2019/2020, around 2021 Nintendo will probably have new console. About power, NX will probably be somewhere between Wii U and Xbox One.

I wont be angry, just wont buy it if its not powerfull enough.

I'd be very disappointed because they can easily make a console far more powerful than Wii U for much less price and even at around similar "low power" conditions. There should be no problem achieving a GPU with 512 or over in shaders and a decently powered CPU that easily eclipses Espresso for an affordable price, $199.99 is doable with these conditions and still make profit. If NX Console is just an overcooked Wii U (no signs pointing to that by the way), it'll be a huge disappointment.

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The whole "NX isn't meant to 'replace' the 3DS/Wii " thing they keep spinning sounds an awful lot like what they were saying back in the day when the DS was on the horizon. - " The company did not provide many details, but stated it would not succeed the Game Boy Advance or GameCube.[9] "

Anyway, it's hard to say without knowing exactly what it is, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's going to be about as powerful, or maybe a bit more fine-tuned in comparison to Wii U specs. I doubt it'll have some expensive gimmick like the Wii U's tablet controller though, at least, if Nintendo is smart there won't be. This could allow them to aim for a pretty low $199 price tag and still have a killer mobile/home hybrid or whatever it's supposed it be.

It won't be much more powerful though, if it is at all. Releasing something with specs on the same level as the PS4/One mid-gen like this will be a disaster. Similar outcome as the Dreamcast, then.

Soundwave said:

A lot of signs seem to point this way. Nintendo took a poor selling console in GameCube and repackaged it as the Wii (basically) before. Would you be angry if NX is basically about as powerful as a Wii U, but has the functionality of a portable while also being able to stream to the TV and act as a porta-console?

Maybe throw in a new controller gimmick on top of that? 

Would this be a deal breaker for you or would you get over it? On one hand it wouldn't be very powerful as a home console, but the Wii U still has pretty decent visuals. On the other hand it would be pretty powerful for a portable. 

IF the PS4 is like 8-10 Wii U taped together, what if the NX was around 5 wii U's taped together? Would most people be ok with that?

Also, the problems I have with the fusion idea, which is the handheld and the console in one, being true.

1. Multiple statements from Nintendo referring to the NX as a console.. The announcement of the NX was around the time they made the announcement of their expansion into mobile. they did this so people would not think they are leaving the dedicated game hardware business. However there was never any fear that they would be leaving the handheld business because that is actually doing really well for them, it's only the console part of their business which is having troubles, which leads me to believe that they made that announcement to assure people that they were not leaving consoles.

2. Even referring the NX as a new concept

3. the diagram with the NX when they made the announcement also mentions smartphones, pcs, and the Wii U and the 3ds being connected in some way. This leads me to believe that the NX is going to act as a hub in some way. If it's a handheld and a console and they have to cram it in as acting as a hub, not to mention you are going to have to pimp out the specs of it, which is going to drive up the cost of the system. However if they made a handheld and a console which simply talked more, using a common operating system, with a greatly overlapping library of games, they could pull this off I believe much more soundly. Something that sits in your living room, which interacts with other devices, seems to makes more sense to me rather than them shoehorning handheld functions in it long with doing that. This also satisfies the handheld audience, who just want to play games on the go, and it better satisfies the console crowd who just want to play Nintendo games but at least at acceptable level of graphics at a good price range. I think you can satisfy both more easily.

4. If it is a singular device, and this relates to the previous point, instead of just creating a device that is about as powerful as the wii u, which if you look at their ordinary leaps in their handhelds, their handhelds are usually 1 generation behind in terms of graphics, you going to have to go beyond that in order to satisfy the home console crowd. This is going to throw off the price from a $180 - $200 device to probably closer to $300. This goes against Nintendo's philposophy which is focusing on gameplay at an affordable price that everyone can enjoy.

As I said in previous posts. I think the NX will $250  and the be about halfway in between a wi u and a ps4. The handheld will be closer to a wii u and be 180 - 200. There will be a common architecture and common os. They will build games targeting the handheld and then optimize it by bringing it up to 1080 / 60 fps with other graphical enhancements. There will be cross buy and free online , agreatly overlapping library of games and a unified accounting system. 

I just see too many problems associated with it being a all in one device rather than 2 separate devices which much greater overlap. There are challenges ahead, but they seem more fixable.

Now this is not to say that later down the road that they make an all in one device, but this will be determined by the success of the NX. I know this is a lot of speculation from me, it just makes the most sense to me based on their public statements, posts, rumors, and other sources.