What old game do you not want to see again on a Nintendo system?

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All Metroid games.

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Chrono Trigger remake/HD and other SNES classics

Edit:  I'm misread the OP and title. lol

Old game that i don't want to see, i don't want a remake of recently released Zelda remakes, like Zelda OOT HD on NX.  Doctor Mario games.  repeat on selling to VCs the same games from previous gen.  like Super Metroid on Wii then Wii U.  It should really be a free transfer from one console to another. 

Oops misread

actually when i buy something i have a choice not to buy it, i dont need to buy it on every system, dont know how its for you guys

Esiar said:
I got an Ocarina of Time discount for $2. I haven't downloaded it though

Same here. I'm actually glad to see a title I already own on Wii pop up on the eShop  - it means I get a cheap upgrade. 


sc94597 said:

Oops misread

I'm pretty sure that others have done this as well. I know that I did, but caught it before posting time.

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Kuksenkov said:
So what's the point of this...? Bash Nintendo's Virtual Console service?

On topic: Screw crappy ass NES games. And Dr. Mario/Luigi.

Well I am not impressed so far after three years with the Wii U VC. Are you?

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I like owning OoT on all these different consoles! It's convenient! I look forward to getting the Wii U version for a bargain price, and I look forward to owning OoT on many future consoles.

Edit: As for an answer to the question, I'm not sure why we have to keep recycling the mediocre NES sports games time and time again.

spurgeonryan said:

Well I am not impressed so far after three years with the Wii U VC. Are you?

We have 2 Mother games. That alone is impressive.

Also Demon's Crest.

spurgeonryan said:

What is the hold up? Dont say your saving them for the NX backstabbing machine your launching next year,  because we know you will just rerelease them again on it.


Don't you understand that NX is not coming next year -.-

For me Spurge-Senpai, it would be Mohter III. The west never received it sadly. It would be great to see the final game of the Mother series.... or second to last if they are indeed doing another Mother game.

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