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Who is your fave Waifu?

Lucina 29 21.64%
Samus 23 17.16%
Tharja 17 12.69%
Rosalina 16 11.94%
Wendy O koopa lol 10 7.46%
Palutena 13 9.70%
Lightning (Final Fantasy series) 26 19.40%
97alexk said:
RenCutypoison said:

6 years in and I'm still not over Taiga(Toradora).

Irohasu (Oregairu)is the more recent runner up. I didn't like em rotten before her though. Kurumi (Gakkou Gurashi) will probably follow when she gets VA on the anime of the year.

Taiga is awsome, also i love the anime oregairy, i really like yukinoshita


Anyway... if i had to choose (Jizz don't judge me)

My waifus would be: and

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I guess I'll say Ayane because (even though I hate what the volleyball games did to her) I really like her character and if she was real I'd feel lots of sympathy for her, and even though she can be a little cold, I would have to realize that it is due to her rough childhood, and that she needs a kind person.

Wow, I may be a little strange.

Weird thread. Had to check out what Waifu meant and then I wish I didn't.

As for the choices... I go with Lightning, the world's favorite virgin over 21.







DeusXmachina said:

I have two...

Well Bridget would be more classed as Husbando ... so just saying. 


we could change the topic name and poll (with some) for Waifu and Husbando.

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Roronaa_chan said:
That one sided poll..



Well if I had to only choose one


Lucina and Palutena are such starter kit waifu

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Morrigan & Lilith Aensland (Darkstalkers)

Rydia (Final Fantasy IV)

Terra (Final Fantasy VI)

Garnet/Dagger (Final Fantasy IX)


Fran (Final Fantasy XII)


Vanille (Final Fantasy XIII)


Zelda (The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword)

Nina (Breath of Fire II)

Etna (Disgaea)


Asuka (Evangelion)

Nena Trinity (Gundam 00)

Agrias (Final Fantasy Tactics


Jeanne D' Arc (Jeanne D' Arc for PSP)

Saber (Fate/Stay Night)

Marlene (Blue Gender)


Basil's YouTube Channel


ExplodingBlock said:

Lucina and Palutena are such starter kit waifu

I like that. I'm going to try to remember that, and use it when appropriate.