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I dont know where to start, but this is the latest one i can think of:
Kaneki VS Jason!

The OP song playing in the back really matches it too!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

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No Magi!? Shame on you all!



 King Bradley vs Greed and friends

Edward Elric and Friends Vs Selim Bradley

Alphonse Elric and friends Vs Selim Bradley 



Edward and Alphonse Vs Scar (first time they met)

Edward vs Greed



Rock Lee Vs Gaara

Madara Vs Ninja Alliance

Kakashi Vs Obito

Teenage Obito Vs Hidden Mist ninjas (the blood bath)

The first time goku turns into Super Sayan! That was epic!

The entire frieza battle was full of dispair, everytime they catched up with some of the friezas forms he would transform again, one of the best anime saga ever!

So many awesome responses. Wow. Gotta see them all.

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daredevil.shark said:
So many awesome responses. Wow. Gotta see them all.

A lot of these posts are jam packed with spoilers...If you actually plan on watching the anime in question (Katanagatari, Sword of the Stranger and Hunter x Hunter are all amazing), then do yourself a favor and don't watch the videos people have been posting.

You guys are kidding me right? Best anime fight scene ever!!!!

Guys you all dissapoint me:

-Best Pokemon Fight:

Best Fight from 2014:

Best Dragon Ball Z Fight:

And a bonus:

Recently I found a sweet AMV of one of my favorite battles in Kuroko no Basket.

Akashi vs Midorima


Bonta-kin vs. crazy cop lady in Full Metal Panic Fumoffu!